The One I Gave My Heart To

Aaliyah (not that one) wants help meeting her online girlfriend Alicia. Because she needs MTV to pay for her flight? Nah, just pinning her down: Alicia only lives a few dozen blocks away. Hmmmmmm. 2013.09.11S02.E12

Catfish's Truthful TV Title Card

Another title card from a more honest place. 2013.09.05

Mike Check

On Catfish, Ashley is ready to tell her online boyfriend of seven years that she's been sending him doctored photos of herself, which is going to be hard, because he's a competitive bodybuilder with perfect abs. What? 2013.09.04S02.E11


On Catfish, Jess and Artis have been 'seeing each other' online even though they're both in relationships IRL. Guess how it ends? Spoiler: not well. 2013.08.26S02.E10

Woke Up This Morning, Got Yourself A Gun

And then started driving to the TRUCK STOP where you'd arranged to meet your online girlfriend for the first time. Smart! This and more from the latest Catfish. 2013.08.21S02.E09

The Half-Blind Leading The Blind

Mike thinks Kristyn won't meet him in person because she's embarrassed about her prosthetic eye. Yep, that's probably it. 2013.08.07S02.E07

Nev Schulman Is TV's Most Optimistic Man, And This Supercut Proves It

The Catfish host just really believes in love, you guys. 2013.08.06

I Am Incurious (Red)

Jen wants to try to start a romantic relationship with her web friend Skylar. Can Nev and Max help her? She's tried nothing and she's all out of ideas! 2013.07.31S02.E06

A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two Fish In The Bush

Or something? Anyway, Dorion's in-person girlfriend is letting him investigate his online girlfriend. Let's see how that goes. 2013.07.24S02.E05

The Eight-Year Itch

Lauren and Tyler have been an online couple for almost a decade. But will that end when they meet IRL? 2013.07.17S02.E04

Folie À Deux

Catfish finds a faker whose mark is just as good at himself. 2013.07.10S02.E03

A Soldier's Story

Once upon a time, there was a very gullible Purple Heart recipient named Anthony... 2013.07.03S02.E02

'I Need Help In Meeting My Fiancé'

Breaking down the elements of Cassie's CRAZY episode of Catfish. 2013.06.26S02.E01

Does Catfish Owe Us A Happy Ending?

The bummers have their appeal, but every single time? 2012.12.10

Just How Phony Is Catfish: The TV Show?

As fake as the movie seemed to be, or faker? 2012.11.13

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