Catfish Host Nev Schulman And His Girlfriend Are Expecting A Baby

Is their announcement revolting? You better believe it. 2016.05.11

Will Catfish Help Paris And Tara Live La Vie En Rose?

Or will scrutiny force Tara to surrender her lies? 2016.05.04S05.E11

Will The Lady Claiming To Know Kayla's Late Father Get (Ghost-) Busted On Catfish?

A young mother's tragic backstory takes a supernatural turn in the Catfish/Haunting Of crossover we didn't know we wanted. 2016.04.27S05.E10

Will Catfish Help Secure A Future For Tyreme And Tomorrow?

Tyreme wants his relationship with Tomorrow to be his last, but he can't help harboring suspicions about her. Darn the luck of her phone's broken camera!!! 2016.04.20S05.E09

Will Catfish Put Joanna And Bo Back In The Path Of Cupid's Arrow?

Joanna's first relationship with a woman ended before they could meet in person. Will Nev and Max help her rekindle their flame? 2016.04.13S05.E08

Will Catfish Help Ray And Lexi Light Up Each Other's Lives?

Ray and Lexi have been talking for four years, but they've never met. Should he be more suspicious about that, or about the fact that Lexi has two sisters named Alexia and Lexa? 2016.04.06S05.E07

Will Catfish Help Michael And Chanelle Fashion A Life Together?

Michael's online girlfriend has suddenly disappeared! Is the the victim of foul play, or has she been foul all along? 2016.03.30S05.E06

Will Catfish Put Jaylin And Ja'la On Track For A Happy Relationship?

Jaylin's been texting track star Ja'la for three years. Now that she's asked him to move to another state to be with her, maybe they'll actually have their first-ever phone call? 2016.03.23S05.E05

Will Catfish Unite Country Boy Brandon With His Dream Girl McKenna?

Brandon got over his ex by getting deeply involved with a girl he met online -- and by 'deeply' we mean they've never even spoken on the phone. 2016.03.17S05.E04

Will Catfish's Investigation End With Leuh And Justin Surfing Off Into The Sunset Together?

Leuh's only considering colleges in California because that's where surfer Justin, her Instagram boyfriend of two and a half years, lives. Will Nev and Max confirm that he won't leave her hanging loose? 2016.03.09S05.E03

EHG Mini: The Never-Ending Story

Figuring out how today's shows will Season 28. 2016.03.04

Will An Assist From A Concerned Daughter Let Catfish Help Jeanette And Derick Start Their Life Together?

Or has Derick just been putting off driving his forklift over Jeanette's heart? 2016.03.02S05.E02

EHG 107: Speaking Truth To Catfish

Stephanie Green returns to dig into the Season 5 premiere of MTV's 'investigative' 'non-fiction' series! 2016.03.01

How Will Catfish Resolve Matters Among Dejay, Malik, And Josiah?

Two different dudes contact the show with their suspicions about someone who sure seems to be the same guy. Is he? he what he seems? 2016.02.24S05.E01

Real Booze, Runway Fabric, And RuPaul's Cross-Stitch: Gifts For Unscripted/Reality Fans

Lunch And A Show gives new meaning to the term 'gag gift.' Pass the Shot-Ski! 2015.12.11

Party Fish And Cartoon Cats In TV's Animal Kingdom

Lunch And A Show knows who let the dogs out (fsociety), but who's the best television feline? 2015.09.03

Will Catfish Give Brittany A Shot At Love With Marine Sniper Bryon?

Single mother Brittany has fallen for a troubled ex-Marine she met online...but has she actually fallen for a bunch of BS? 2015.09.02

Will Catfish Prove To Devan That Rylan Really Is Marriage Material?

Devan's never met his online girlfriend Rylan, but he's pretty sure she's The One anyway. Is he right, or is he just a clotted cream-for-brains? (That insult would work better if he spelled his name right.) 2015.08.27S04.E19

Will Catfish Prove That Emily's Been Keeping It 100 With Hundra?

And where will this Machine Gun Kelly character rank in the pantheon of replacement Maxes? 2015.08.20S04.E18

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