EHG 107: Speaking Truth To Catfish

Stephanie Green returns to dig into the Season 5 premiere of MTV's 'investigative' 'non-fiction' series! 2016.03.01

How Will Catfish Resolve Matters Among Dejay, Malik, And Josiah?

Two different dudes contact the show with their suspicions about someone who sure seems to be the same guy. Is he? he what he seems? 2016.02.24S05.E01

Real Booze, Runway Fabric, And RuPaul's Cross-Stitch: Gifts For Unscripted/Reality Fans

Lunch And A Show gives new meaning to the term 'gag gift.' Pass the Shot-Ski! 2015.12.11

Party Fish And Cartoon Cats In TV's Animal Kingdom

Lunch And A Show knows who let the dogs out (fsociety), but who's the best television feline? 2015.09.03

Will Catfish Give Brittany A Shot At Love With Marine Sniper Bryon?

Single mother Brittany has fallen for a troubled ex-Marine she met online...but has she actually fallen for a bunch of BS? 2015.09.02

Will Catfish Prove To Devan That Rylan Really Is Marriage Material?

Devan's never met his online girlfriend Rylan, but he's pretty sure she's The One anyway. Is he right, or is he just a clotted cream-for-brains? (That insult would work better if he spelled his name right.) 2015.08.27S04.E19

Will Catfish Prove That Emily's Been Keeping It 100 With Hundra?

And where will this Machine Gun Kelly character rank in the pantheon of replacement Maxes? 2015.08.20S04.E18

Cutting A Rug With Bond, Hamm, And The Hoff

Lunch And A Show celebrates the ol' manly chest pelt. 2015.08.20

Will Catfish Help Ayissha Find Love With Sydney...Or Is 'Sydney' Just An Alias?

Ayissha's not sure if her online girlfriend Sydney has been stalking her. And it would be hard for her to know, because they've never met. 2015.08.13S04.E17

Can Catfish Prove To Andria That She Hasn't Wasted Ten Years On David?

Andria met David on Bebo when she was twelve and has been 'with' him since then. But they've never met. What could the reason be?! 2015.08.06S04.E16

EHG 80: A Fine Kettle Of Catfish

Kim Reed returns to discuss Nev, Max, Ma, Pa, and the Dillon Panthers. 2015.07.28

Will Catfish Have To Tell Prophet That Trinity Only Exists In The Matrix?

A former member of the Nappy Roots is pretty sure he's found love with a stunning woman he met online, and since he's famous, maybe he did? Or maybe not. 2015.07.23S04.E14

Welcome To Lunch And A Show!

Links 'n' longer reads you can laugh at (with salad). 2015.07.20

Can Catfish Track Down And Shame Falesha's Identity Thief?

High school was hell for Falesha because someone impersonated her online and started bullying all her friends. Online avengers to the rescue! 2015.07.16S04.E13

Will Tiana And James Wrench True Love From Their Awkward Situation?

Can Catfish facilitate a true love connection between James, probable faker who doesn't want kids, and Tiana, who's hidden the fact of her daughter from him for three years? 2015.07.09S04.E12

Will Steven's Hopes For A Future With Samm Get Scuttled By His Mom?

Steven's mother is concerned that he's pinning all his romantic hopes on a girl he's never met, so she's written in to Catfish on his behalf. And you thought yours was embarrassing when she wrote little notes on your lunch bag! 2015.05.07S04.E11

Has Blaire Found True Love, Or Is Markie Giving Her The Biz?

Blaire's Instagram girlfriend seemed perfect. Then she got kidnapped. ...What? 2015.04.30S04.E10

Will Catfish Give Jamey And Ari A Meat-Cute?

Ari insists upon meeting meat cutter Jamey for the first time with Catfish cameras present. Jamey is, quite reasonably, concerned. 2015.04.23S04.E09


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