Call The Midwife: S04

And The Seasons, They Go 'Round And 'Round

An uneven Season 4 comes to a close with the return of Chummy! And...some other stuff that Al Lowe is pretty mad about. 2015.05.17S04.E08

Just In Time For Mothereffing Mother's Day

In the season's best episode yet, children and their mothers are separated, brought together, broken, mended, scarred for life, healed, missed, loved, lost. Just…call your mom. 2015.05.10S04.E07

Born In The Wagon Of A Travelin' Show

They may dance like a bunch of squares, but the Nonnatus crew can bring the tears like no one else. 2015.05.03S04.E06

Steadfast Faith Abiding

Have we trials and temptations? Is there trouble anywhere? We should never be discouraged. Take it to the Lord in prayer. (That's if you're a Christian Scientist, like this week's embattled Mom, Mrs. Prendergast. Everyone else: try conventional medicine?) 2015.04.26S04.E05

Behind (And Beside, And Beneath) Every Good Man...

...are many, many good women. 2015.04.19S04.E04

First, They Came For The Rats

The rule of threes applies when the residents of Poplar begin culling The Rats, The Gays, and The Irish. 2015.04.12S04.E03

It Might As Well Be Spring

The ladies of Nonnatus House deal with love, life, and renewal. Not all of it is happy. 2015.04.05S04.E02

Instructions On The Care And Feeding Of Children

Call the Midwife gives birth to Season 4, and Al Lowe settles in for endless crying. 2015.03.29S04.E01


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