Call The Midwife: S03

Call The Midwife's Third-Season Finale Is Full Of Fond Farewells

And a few of the usual happy hellos! (To babies.) 2014.05.18S03.E08

Chummy And Mummy Return To The Field Of Battle

Which, since they're posh ladies, means 'at high tea.' But will this be Lady Browne's last chance to disappoint her daughter? 2014.05.11S03.E07

Call The Midwife Presents: Rev. Beefcake

Taking a break from all the woman power to objectify a dude for once. 2014.05.04S03.E06

Evangelizing About Sister Evangelina

The gruffest resident of Nonnatus House gets a showcase episode on the occasion of her Jubilee; Tara gets a kick in the heart. 2014.04.27S03.E05

May We All Be So Fortunate As To Be Bereaved Around Nuns

When tragedy comes to the East End, the community of women pulls together to get through it. As usual, it's beautiful to see. 2014.04.20S03.E04

You Just Never Know What Part Of Call The Midwife Is Going To Make You Cry

In an episode featuring a pregnant prison inmate, a diagnosis of probable infertility, and a truly gnarly episiotomy, the moment that made Tara choke up is extremely unexpected. 2014.04.13S03.E03

The Real Midwives Of Poplar

No one flips a table, but the spat between Jenny and Trixie is as close as Call The Midwife gets to Real Housewives realness...and ultimately just brings them closer together. (Aw!) 2014.04.06S03.E02

Let Chummy Be Chummy

A pivotal moment lets Chummy realize she wants more from life than making scatter pillows. 2014.03.30S03.E01


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