The Quest To Care About Knightfall

First-time guest Jim Durr on History's new Knights Templar drama, plus Futurama for the Canon and a theme-song victory! 2017.12.06

Bull Can't Handle The Truth

Bull manages to satisfy both the defence and the prosecution! Is there anything this man can't do?! 2016.10.26S01.E05

EHG 133: Looking Into The Black Mirror

Daniel MacEachern joins the panel to discuss Netflix's dystopian anthology, Canadian educational programming vérité, and more! 2016.10.25

The Bulls Are Going To Texas!

It only took four episodes for Bull to abandon its setting and its premise. 2016.10.19S01.E04

Hmmm, I'll Allow It. But You Watch Yourself, Bull!

Bull untangles a murder at the heart of a phenomenally popular podcast, letting the show depict the media as inaccurately as it depicts the legal profession. 2016.10.12S01.E03

Why Don't They Just Make The Whole Plane Out Of Bull?

And more not-quite-burning questions amid the wreckage of a plane crash that killed 'The Woman In 8D' (and 61 other people). 2016.09.28S01.E02

Should You Fall For CBS's Dr. Phil-Inspired Load Of Bull?

Or is it guilty of great-man fluffing? Sarah D. Bunting renders a judgment. 2016.09.20S01.E01

EHG 130: The Extra Hot Great Fall 2016 Preview

It's the pumpkin-spice latte of autumnal programming overviews! ...Unless you hate those. Eve Batey's back to look at the best, worst, and meh-est of new and returning shows. 2016.09.20

CBS's Bull Jumps Off From Dr. Phil's Life To Dramatize Trial Consulting: What Episodes Should We Expect?

And how often will defense attorneys be asked how something is workin' for them? 2016.02.03


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