Battle Of The Lady-Loving Legal Eagles Cajoled Out Of Retirement

Broadchurch's Jocelyn Knight and Murder In The First's Jamie Nelson are both on the case -- but who wins? 2015.06.30S02.E04

You Can't Go Home Again

Broadchurch reacts to the verdict, and Ellie and Hardy find the last pieces of the Sandbrook puzzle. 2015.04.22S02.E08

From Claire To Eternity

A roll in the surf, a rapprochement, and the return of the jury in the season's penultimate Broadchurch. 2015.04.15S02.E07

You Oughta Be In Pictures

As Joe's trial continues to open old wounds (and create new ones), a portfolio pic may Claire-ify a certain couple's involvement in the Sandbrook case. 2015.04.08S02.E06

Scorched Earth

Ricky fights Lee, Jocelyn dunks on Sharon, and Tom picks a side. 2015.04.01S02.E05

Strange Bedfellows

An estranged couple reunites, an odd couple breaks up, and Hardy and Ellie hit the road in search of answers. 2015.03.25S02.E04

EHG 63: Dancing With The Gladiators

EHG Mark 1 star and PTV contributor Kim Reed is back to wonder what the Huck is up with Scandal and Dancing With The Stars. 2015.03.24

'I Just Want To Get Hammered'

Lee makes a move, and Ellie takes a pounding. ...Not like that! ...Wait, like that too. 2015.03.18S02.E03

Court Is Now In Session

As Joe's trial begins, confrontations end poorly for everyone involved. 2015.03.12S02.E02

Crime And Banishment

Joe isn't going quietly, and neither is the notorious Sandbrook case, as Broadchurch returns. 2015.03.04S02.E01

Battle Of The European Small Towns Confronting Shocking Murders

Broadchurch, Fortitude, and The Missing fight to top the list of TV vacation dead-stinations. 2015.02.05S01.E03

Should You Visit Gracepoint?

It's time to start previewing the fall shows -- but didn't Sarah already 'preview' this one when it was called Broadchurch? 2014.08.29S01.E01

Who's Your Daddy

The Broadchurch finale unmasks the killer at last. But how Broadchurch-y was it? 2013.09.26S01.E08

How Broadchurch-y Is The Penultimate Episode Of Broadchurch?

Amidst major revelations, the rejections of food and Psychic Telecom Steve return. 2013.09.19S01.E07

Did The Aftermath Of A Tragic Event Get Very Broadchurch-y?

Yes and no -- but clonkalicious dialogue and too much slo-mo didn't detract (much) from a suspenseful episode. 2013.09.12S01.E06

How Narrow And Secular Of You, Broadchurch

The latest mixed-bag episode isn't very Broadchurch-y. Or good. 2013.09.05S01.E05

EHG 3: Beeb-er Fever

Allo, Allo! Wot's All This Then?! 2013.09.03

Why Wasn't Last Night's Broadchurch Very Broadchurch-y?

The main characters all went to church -- literally. But what didn't happen in the latest ep? 2013.08.29S01.E04

That's Classic Broadchurch

Did Miller Take! It Personally!? Has Hardy eaten anything yet? Our handy table tells you just how typical the latest episode is. 2013.08.22S01.E03

Intrauterine (Plot) Device

The author simply does not buy that everyone on television is this clueless about birth control. 2013.08.15S01.E02

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