Broad City

Ru The Day

Casting RuPaul's next two gigs -- one in drag, one out. 2018.02.01

Pyjama Jam

Populating our ideal slumber parties with TV characters. 2018.01.04

TV Time Machine

In the spirit of OOTLANDARRR, reuniting TV soulmates via time travel. 2017.10.27

EHG Mini: Showrunners

Running two show titles together to make portmant-shows. 2017.03.27

EHG Mini: Slacker Genie Scenario

Wish granted! ...Wish forgotten. 2016.06.09

EHG Mini: Beach House Vacation

The TV characters we'd match up in a summer share. 2016.05.26

EHG 115: Sissying That Walk With RuPaul's Drag Race

Mark Blankenship brings his charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to a discussion of Ru's latest girls. 2016.05.10

When Broad City Gets On A Plane, How Gross Can It Get?

Ranking the grotesqueries of the Season 3 finale. 2016.04.20S03.E10

Broad City Treats Serious Feelings...Seriously?

It's weird. But it works! ...It is weird, though. 2016.04.06S03.E08

Should Broad City's Abbi Think Thrice About Dating Trey?

We know he likes weights. So let's weigh some pros and cons. 2016.03.30S03.E07

Broad City Shows You How To Prepare Your Face For An Uncomfortable Reunion

If Abbi's going to meet back up with someone she (accidentally) wronged in high school, she's going to need to have the right very authentic expression stuck on her head. 2016.03.23S03.E06

Broad City Is Living History As Ilana And Abbi Meet Hillary Clinton

Ilana's chance delivery to a campaign office changes the course of her life...for a few hours. 2016.03.17S03.E05

Watch A Preview Clip From Hillary Clinton's Broad City Début

If you're into people who wink, consider yourself pandered to. 2016.03.15S03.E05

When Broad City Has A Party, How Gross Can It Get?

Ilana's the one who's actually hosting, so: pretty gross. Let's count down all the disgusting! 2016.03.09S03.E04

EHG 108: Is House Of Cards A Good Play?

Kim Reed is back to talk fictional presidents, Survivor, and Seth Meyers! 2016.03.08

Broad City Shows You How To Celebrate Victory With Grace And Good Sportsmanship -- Like ALL-CAPS ABBI!

Get your Reaction GIFs folder ready: you're going to want all of Abbi's expressions of triumph for the next time you OWN. 2016.03.02S03.E03

Broad City Teaches Abbi And Ilana A Tough Lesson About Food Co-Op Ethics

And, secondarily, about the importance of high-quality produce to one's GI tract. 2016.02.24S03.E02

Broad City Shows Us Exactly What Abbi And Ilana Spent The Past Year Doing...In The Bathroom

We giffed the most important toilet-adjacent moments from the time we've spent apart. 2016.02.17S03.E01

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