Breaking Pointe

How Breaking Pointe--y Was The Season Finale?

It wasn't very Pointe-y, but it wasn't dull, either. 2013.09.17S02.E09

How Breaking Pointe-y Was The Closing-Night Episode?

More breaking (up) than pointe, in fact. (Now with new category!) 2013.09.10S02.E08

How Breaking Pointe-y Is The Opening-Night Episode?

Oh, you know. Bones break, Jonathan sucks…the usz. 2013.09.03S02.E07

How Typical Is The Latest Episode Of Breaking Pointe?

Fairly (Allison is conflicted) but not totally (Rex shows an emotion). 2013.08.27S01.E06

Ask A Ballerina Torn Between Her Career And Her Passive-Aggressively Controlling Boyfriend

Breaking Pointe's Allison DeBona on etiquette, friendships, and film. 2013.08.20S01.E08

In Which Marriage Is Hard (And Isn't For Everyone) (...Allison)

This author hopes Allison Kelly Taylors Jonathan. Also, fake bulges! 2013.08.13S02.E04

Rex: I Am Your Father

And other bombshells principal ballerina Christiana might just have dropped on Rex. 2013.08.06S02.E03

Zach Ops

Breaking Pointe's resident drama queen: immature prat, or budding supervillain? 2013.07.30S02.E02

How Fake Is Breaking Pointe?

Just fake enough. 2013.07.23S02.E01


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