Breaking Bad

Talking Through Our Memories Of Homecoming

Mark Lisanti joins us to discuss Amazon's new half-hour mystery. 2018.11.14

Getting Our Claws Into Season 2

Jeb Lund is back to discuss who gets clipped (...sorry) in TNT's mani-gangster drama! 2018.06.13

Dressed In Holiday Style

The TV characters we most want to go holiday shopping with, and why. 2017.12.12

EHG Mini: Suddenly Canadian

Turning American shows Canadian. 2017.01.06

Ding vs. Phoebe's Holiday Song

It's ding ding ding ding vs. a partially personalized carol! 2016.12.22

Ding vs. Brokeback Mountain Themed Potholders

It's ding ding ding ding vs. this years holiday must have! 2016.12.21

Ding vs. Santa Baby

It's ding ding ding ding vs. a couple who really wants to meet Santa! 2016.12.20

Bill Haverchuck As Bionic Woman vs. Ding

It's truly working your Halloween costume vs. ding ding ding ding! 2016.12.19

EHG Mini: The Seven Deadly Sins

Assigning vices to TV characters. 2016.11.16

Watch Jesse Tyler Ferguson And Alan Cumming Help Out With The Late Late Show With James Corden's Inappropriate Musicals

For some strange reason, a singing Heisenberg just seems way less intimidating! 2016.09.21

Listen To Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito Narrate NBC's Rio Olympics Opening Film

He's also starring in Netflix's upcoming The Get Down -- but first he's getting down with the world's best athletes. 2016.08.05

The Envelopes That Killed Susan vs. Badger's Star Trek Pitch

It's Seinfeld's dark solution to George's fiancée problem vs. a fat stack of quatloos! 2016.05.20

Julia Sugarbaker Decimates A Beauty Queen vs. Schraderbräu

It's the night the lights went out in Georgia vs. homebrewing to silky perfection! 2016.04.25

EHG Mini: Get Professional Help

Getting through a car accident with the help of a TV dream team. 2016.04.22

EHG Mini: A Better Exit

Giving departed TV characters better departures. 2016.03.21

EHG 109: Pledging Allegiance To The Americans

Nick Rheinwald-Jones returns to join us in surveilling the Season 4 premiere of FX's spy drama! 2016.03.15

EHG 98: That Championship Season: The Law & Order Fantasy Draft

Alan Sepinwall helps the gang pick the very best 'teams' from across the L&O-verse...but will his Canon submission break bad? 2015.12.15

Methopoly, Sopran-icures, And Joe Kenda, Holiday Ornament: Gifts For The Crime-Show Fan

Lunch And A Show stuffs your stocking (or Better Call Saul tote!) with gift ideas all this week! 2015.12.07

EHG 87: Giving Project Greenlight The, Well, Green Light

Chris Moore superfan Kim Reed consents to join us for the Mann-splaining return of HBO's filmmaking reality show -- and Tara is finally free of the Dome! 2015.09.15

Peeno Noir vs. Gale Boetticher's Posthumous Karaoke Triumph

It's An Ode to Black Penis vs. a solid performance from a scientist in happier times! 2015.09.10

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