EHG Mini: Frankenshow

Stitching together the next pretty good drama. 2015.05.20

What A Piece Of Twenty Different Kinds Of Work Is Man

While Rodrigo sniffs around for his fourth rhinoplasty, Katina seeks remediation for her 'alien belly,' and a Baywatch babe seeks to downsize her cans. 2015.04.21S02.E02

Make Your Mark On New York And You Are A Made Man

VH1 mainstay New York gives us an eyeful of her physical imperfections in the second-season premiere of Botched. 2015.04.14S02.E01


Everyone involved in Janice Dickinson's Botched story, quoted for the sake of posterity. And for our culture. 2014.07.01S01.E02

Should You Let Botched Ruin Your Life (Or At Least Your Dinner)?

E!'s new reality show is about people whose cosmetic surgeries have gone badly wrong. HOW badly wrong? Oh, you'll see. You will see everything. 2014.06.24S01.E01