BoJack Horseman

Saddle Up A New Season Of BoJack Horseman

Adam Grosswirth returns to discuss the latest episodes, plus an Alias Canon submission and a heartbreaker of a Game Time! 2018.09.19

Hitting The High Points Of Jessica Jones Season 2

First-time guest Kirk Hamilton on the second season's slow burn, plus BoJack Horseman, being worse than jazz, and more! 2018.03.14

Staying Hooked On Narcos

First-timer Melissa Locker joins us to talk about Netflix's cartel drama! 2017.09.07

The Acropolis Where The Parthenon Is vs. The Banner Failures Of BoJack Horseman

It's what do they say, what do they say? vs. Hollywoo's worst print shop on display! 2016.11.17

EHG 134: Going Long With Saturday Night Live

Omar Gallaga returns to talk about the sketch show/American comedy institution! 2016.11.07

Matthew Cuthbert's Death vs. Todd's Chicken 'Wife' Becca

It's Green Gables meets the pearly gates vs. A refugee from the Chickens 4 Dayz factory turned stoner companion! 2016.10.12

EHG 126: Big Draw: Animated Shows For Grown-Ups

Monty Ashley joins us to talk cartoons that aren't just kid stuff -- plus a gold-medal Game Time! 2016.08.16

Bojack Horseman's Diane And Mr. Peanutbutter Are Obviously In Counseling -- And That's Excellent

After Diane's professional meltdown, Mr. Peanutbutter proves he's in this marriage for the long haul. Since he's a good boy, yes he is, yes he is, and he's got a cute funny face. 2016.07.22S03.E01

Watch A Trailer For Season 3 Of BoJack Horseman

Will success ruin our hero...more? 2016.06.29

Welcome To Lunch And A Show!

Links 'n' longer reads you can laugh at (with salad). 2015.07.20

Mr. Peanutbutter Is More Than Happy

And not just to talk to you about the weather. Roger loves him; here's why. 2015.07.16


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