EHG Mini: Losing An Hour

Proposing a new Spring Forward tradition. 2016.03.16

We Gave Blindspot Our Hearts, And It Gave Us A Pen

Slowly, too. Nice try mollifying us with sweet guest stars, show, but: get on with it. 2016.03.08S01.E12

Blindspot Loves It When A Plane Comes Together

The midseason premiere surfaces a missing aircraft, and some intel about Jane's past. 2016.02.29S01.E11

In Which Of His Shows Should Greg Berlanti Be Deploying His Broken Hearts Club Cast Members?

Before he ran all of television, Greg Berlanti wrote and directed the 2000 gay softball romcom The Broken Hearts Club. We think some of that movie's stars should pop by some of his current productions. 2016.01.06

Hearts And Glowers

Blindspot's Kurt Weller can overlook your past -- especially if you can't remember it -- as Mikki Halpin discovered in his (fake!) online-dating profile. 2016.01.06

In Soviet Union, Blindspot Watch YOU

A Russian sleeper cell enters its endgame, Patterson seeks vengeance, and Jane blames herself...possibly correctly. Also, frenching! 2015.11.24S01.E10

Rules Of Engagement

Jane and Weller go undercover to catch a Darknet crime lord, and the show suffers an unacceptable loss. 2015.11.17S01.E09

Welcome To The Shallow End Of The Pool

A brief history of craptastical viewing decisions Buntsy has made using a TV Fox-o-Meter she spilled Dr Pepper on in today's Lunch And A Show. 2015.11.13

Insert 'Shots'/'Rounds' Pun Here

After a super-exposition-y episode full of clichéd jurisdictional wrangling, the Blindspot girls tie one on and Buntsy finds herself writing fan-fic. ...Right? 2015.11.10S01.E08

Who Wrote (In) The Book Of Love

An atypically funny, fast Blindspot breaks Patterson's heart (and Sarah D. Bunting's, a little bit). 2015.11.03S01.E07

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's Lunch And A Show!

Supergirl, super girls, and missing Christopher Reeve. 2015.10.27

'Well, Maybe You Do Things Wrong.'

A teenage hacker helps crack a case while Jane and Weller try to avoid Doing It until sweeps. 2015.10.27S01.E06

The X-Files And The Venture Brothers Have GOT To Be The Week's Hottest New Sci-Fi Trailers, Right?

[listens to earpiece] Our producers are saying that's not accurate...? 2015.10.20

Right Place, Wrong Tomb

A shoot-out in a boneyard establishes Blindspot's Big Bad. 2015.10.20S01.E05

Blindspot Star Marianne Jean-Baptiste Is Not Cool With Colorblind Casting

She'd like to see some people on TV who aren't so pretty, too. 2015.10.19

The Tooth Is Out There

The FBI rushes to stop an outbreak; the writers rush to obfuscate backstories on Blindspot. 2015.10.13S01.E04

Blindspot's Jane (Or 'Jane'?) Solves Mysteries On TV...But So Might Nancy Drew Again, Soon?

Ladies are finding clues and cracking cases in Lunch And A Show! 2015.10.06

That's For Damn Shaw

Blindspot answers one question, raises others we may not care about; whether Jane agrees to stay in the car is not one of them, because of course she doesn't, because TV. 2015.10.06S01.E03

'Gentlemen: To Buntnip!'

Patterson styles a sweater, a cipher, and other Sarah D. faves in the Blindspot Show-O-Matic. 2015.09.29S01.E02

Should You Check Blindspot Before Changing Lanes?

Or is this Prison Break/Alias/John Doe cocktail best left in the rearview? 2015.09.21S01.E01


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