Big Brother

Probing A Rebooted Roswell, New Mexico

Dan Blau Rogge returns to discuss the extraneous extraterrestrial 'reimagining' of the 'classic' WB show, plus a Getting On for the Canon, and more! 2019.01.16

Big Brother: Pet Edition

Putting the panel's pets into the competitive reality space. 2018.05.01

Big Brother Bundling

Sending TV characters into the Big Brother house and predicting how far they get. 2018.04.10

A Meditation On Here & Now At Exactly 11:11

The panel plus Joe Reid try to stay zen about Alan Ball's latest HBO drama, plus Arrested Development for the Nonac and a very novel Game Time! 2018.02.14

EHG 161: Settling Down With Playing House

Kim Reed joins us for a look at the new season, plus a Cheers Canon and a Dave-hate double dip! 2017.06.28

Angry Emily Gilmore vs. Da'Vonne Dances Out the Door

It's Mother Gilmore destroying Shira Huntzberger vs. exiting in style! 2016.11.26

It's Game Over On Big Brother

Another batch of losers picks another winner. 2016.09.22S18.E42

Big Brother Host Julie Chen Thinks It's Cool If You Call Her Chenbot

Also, don't expect her to lose it on The Talk. 2016.09.21

Big Brother's Not Kitten Around

The final three introduce myriad never-before-seen vignettes from their crazy summer before getting down to the purr-pose of the episode: a kitty-themed final HoH challenge. 2016.09.16S18.E41

Big Brother's Production Of One Angry Man

The jury house gets uglier than ever. 2016.09.15S18.E40

Tuesday's Gone With [REDACTED] On Big Brother

A live eviction surprises with its timing, but not so much with who it is. 2016.09.14S18.E39

Will Big Brother Prove Treacherous Down To The Cor?

When everyone left in the house is an ally, nominations are going to hurt some feelings. So why not hurt as many as possible? 2016.09.12S18.E38

When Big Brother Blows Up In Your Face

James starts out trying to be the hero, but will he end up feeling burned? 2016.09.08S18.E36

A Big Brother Showmance Lays An Egg

Looks like somebody picked the wrong players to roll with. 2016.09.05S18.E35

Christmas, Mourning In The Big Brother House

Yule enjoy the Power of Veto competition if you're Corey, but Michelle suffers post-holiday letdown. 2016.09.01S18.E33

The Writing, And Big Brother Houseguests, Are On The Wall

Close allies become vital as the endgame approaches. Just ask the player without one. 2016.08.29S18.E32

Big Brother Jurors Get Another Chance To Lose It All

And then there were six, and then there were ten again? 2016.08.26S18.E31

The Big Brother House Gets Stormy

But will this tropical depression blow over like all the others? 2016.08.25S18.E30

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