Beverly Hills, 90210: S01

What If Andrea And Brandon Had Done Sex In The First Season Of Beverly Hills, 90210?

Back in the spring of 1991, Andrea offered Brandon 'the person on [her] horse,' but they never actually went through with it. How would their lives be different if they had? 2016.06.03S01.E22

Again With This: I'm Giving You The Person On My Horse

The Walsh family's big move inspires Andrea to make a big move of her own: throwing herself at Brandon. 2015.08.28S01.E22

Andrea Ruffles Brandon's Feathers In Her Ruffled Blouses

Brace yourself for the Visual Aids that accompany 'Home Again.' 2015.08.28S01.E22

'I Wouldn't Wear It,' You Said! Come On, Kelly!

Check out the very formal, very '90s looks of 'Spring Dance'! You, like Steve, may need a flask. 2015.08.24S01.E21

Again With This: Enjoying Each Other

Brenda's virginity takes its final bow at the Spring Dance. 2015.08.24S01.E21

You Wanna Play Some Stick (Insect) Ball?

Warm up your mitt (ew, not like that) for our Visual Aids from 'Spring Training.' 2015.08.21S01.E20

Again With This: You Won't Be The Champs. You'll Be The Chumps.

The Walshes take on the national pastime. Brandon strikes out. 2015.08.21S01.E20

Could You BE Any More Hammy?

Fashion, dyslexia, and patricide meet in the visual aids for Beverly Hills, 90210 S01E19, 'April Is The Cruelest Month.' 2015.08.17S01.E19

Again With This: This Isn't A Hardy Boys Mystery

Brandon's Senior Spotlight profile turns (Kiss Me) deadly when Matthew Perry visits to turn sunny Beverly Hills a little...noir. 2015.08.17S01.E19

Death Doesn't Become Her

Or anyone else in the visual-aids companion to S01E18, 'It's Only A Test.' Well, maybe David Byrne. 2015.08.14S01.E18

Again With This: I Really Hope Nothing Ever Happens To My Breasts

While everyone else gears up for the SAT, Brenda has to deal with the findings from another exam. (ON HER BOOB.) 2015.08.14S01.E18

More Like Performance Fart

By the time you get through the Visual Aids for S01E17, 'Fame Is Where You Find It,' your face may look a lot like Kelly's. 2015.08.10S01.E17

Again With This: These Performance-Oriented Coffeehouses Are Really Happening

Brandon suddenly runs for class president, which means Brenda has to go to pinko extremes to get her parents' attention. As usual, it only kind of works. 2015.08.10S01.E17

Brenda And Brandon Act Out

We've collected all the important visual aids from Beverly Hills, 90210's 'Fame Is Where You Find It,' including the very last instance of rollerblading in America. 2015.08.07S01.E16

Again With This: Hey Babe, Lookin' Good — Real Good, Babe

When Brandon gets 'discovered' to guest-star in a sappy teen drama (sound familiar?), Brenda copes in a really unfortunate way. 2015.08.07S01.E16

See You Next Tuesday

Brenda straps her three-day bitch on and David's party plans crash and burn in our visual aids for S01E15, 'A Fling in Palm Springs'! 2015.08.03S01.E15

Again With This: With David Silver? I Don't Think So.

An episode revolving around a sexy President's Day weekend in Palm Springs puts David at the center of the action. Yes, David Silver. 2015.08.03S01.E15

More Like 'Worst Side Story'

All the Brandescension, gutless parenting, and incorrect denim narratives from Beverly Hills, 90210's 'East Side Story.' 2015.07.30S01.E14

Again With This: The Whole Enchilada

Brandon meets a cute Latina girl, alternates kissing on and yelling at her, as is his way. 2015.07.30S01.E14

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