Beverly Hills, 90210

Stay Sweet

5 teen dramas streaming on Hulu to revisit this summer — or watch for the first time! 2015.06.11

Again With This: Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know

Dylan McKay makes his triumphant (?) début in 'The Green Room'; Sarah and Tara discuss! 2015.06.04S01.E02

Again With This: Wild Thing WILD THING!

Sarah and Tara dip into the pilot "Class Of Beverly Hills." 2015.05.29S01.E01

Outstanding Female Dicks

As Samantha Fox sort of said, dicky girls need love too. 2015.03.25

Battle Of The Cruddy Campaigns

Marva and Brandon both think they should try their hand at student government, with humbling results; which attempt is more tolerable? 2015.03.17S02.E11

Battle Of The Stomach-Turning Stars

Which show presents a more compelling tale of a wholesome teen getting a tough lesson in how scumbaggy celebrities can be: Rags To Riches or Beverly Hills, 90210? 2015.02.23S02.E08

EHG Mini: Sisters

The best and worst sister acts of TV. 2015.02.20

Battle Of The Catastrophic Campouts

Which bunch of dickish west L.A. teenagers has a worse time in the great outdoors: the West Beverly High gang, or the Foleys of Bel-Air? 2015.01.27S02.E04

Battle Of The Vegas Vacations

When idiot teenagers try to get their sin on in Sin City, which result works better: that of Rags To Riches or Beverly Hills, 90210? 2015.01.08S02.E01

Battle Of The Fraudulent Fender Benders

Both Brenda of Beverly Hills, 90210 and Diane of Rags To Riches get into kind of sketchy car accidents right after finally getting their licenses. But which show did it better? 2014.12.23S01.E07

Battle Of The Developer/Diner Disputes

Beverly Hills 90210 and Rags To Riches both did episodes in which plucky teens fight evil builders to save their beloved diners. Which did it better? 2014.11.18S01.E02

And Baby Makes Five (Not Counting Dean)?

True Tori returns with new hairstyles, new symptoms, and the same old problems. 2014.10.22S02.E01

Battle Of The Crappy Brothers

Which is a worse sibling: Petals On The Wind's Christopher Dollanganger Sheffield, or Beverly Hills, 90210's Brandon Walsh? 2014.05.26

Battle Of The Beverly Hills, 90210 Books

Jason Priestley's memoir dropped this week, so Sarah pitted it against Jennie Garth's autobio and Shannen Doherty's…whatever that was from 2010. Which tome is worth your time? 2014.05.09

A Very Jack McKay's Pants Christmas

Sing in the season with these holiday favorites from the biggest pants on earth. 2013.12.22

How Celeste And Steve (And Brandon) Found Love At First Sight

A special Game Show Week examination of the time Beverly Hills, 90210 met Studs. 2013.12.12S03.E24

EHG 13: SOAPnet Goes Down The Drain

Jessica Morgan of Go Fug Yourself joins us as we say goodbye to SOAPnet and Scott Scanlon. RIP everything. 2013.12.03

Goodnight, You Queens Of Tight Chokers, You Princes Of Gel

The Brenda Years of Beverly Hills, 90210 end on SOAPnet, literally never to return. 2013.12.02S04.E31

Hey Girls! Get Attention By Threatening Suicide!

So says the fourth season of Beverly Hills, 90210. 2013.11.26S04.E29


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