Best Ink: S02

Coloring Inside The Lines

That's what makes Best Ink kind of boring. 2013.06.06S02.E10

'Is There Any Way To Fix That?'

The photorealism challenge picks off another tattoo artist. 2013.05.23S02.E08

Your Mother, As A Sex Toy

Joe's signature style causes problems. 2013.05.09S02.E06

'That Looks Turdish.'

A potato-battery tat goes to shit on Best Ink. 2013.05.02S02.E05

'Dollarz Knows All About Sensual Tension.'

Riiiight. Just like the head judge knows all about comprehensible critique. 2013.04.25S02.E04

A Horse Is A Horse Is A...Oh, Dear

A craptastic Pegasus gets one contestant the boot. Or the hoof, or whatever. 2013.04.18S02.E04

Pete Wentz, Humanitarian

"Former Mr. Ashlee Simpson here. I think you should watch Best Ink. For the children." 2013.04.01S02.E01


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