Below Deck Mediterranean

Will You Be Enchanted By Disenchantment?

Omar Gallaga returns to discuss Matt Groening's new Netflix show! 2018.08.29

Counting Down 13 Reasons Why

Joe Reid returns to talk about Netflix's dark teen drama! 2018.05.23

EHG 159: Does Claws Scratch An Itch?

Eve Batey is back to talk about TNT's nail-salon/Mafia dramedy, a Simpsons Canon, and more! 2017.06.14

New Boat, New Stews, Same Old Below Deck Mediterranean Headaches

Hannah and Bobby return for Season 2, and they've brought some beef on board with them. Your season-premiere Below Dick rankings, ahoy! 2017.05.02S02.E01

We Shore Wish Below Deck Mediterranean Would Air A Reunion Show

But that's not happening, so let's see who's a buoy and who's a barnacle one last time. 2016.07.27S01.E13

Daniel In The Bryan's Den (Again, Some More) On Below Deck Med

Bryan gets promoted to first mate -- and out of last place, thanks to his favorite's nice-guy routine curdling in booze and self-pity. 2016.07.20S01.E12

Getting Ben(t) On Below Deck Med

The guests get lit up, Julia melts down, and Danny's gonna Danny. Who's the worst this week? 2016.07.13S01.E11

Below Deck Mediterranean Charters From Heaven To Hell

The best/worst Charter arrives, and Danny trades in his phone and attitude for Bryan and Bobby's 'fluff and bulls---.' 2016.07.06S01.E10

Everyone Has To Lead The Life Of Bryan On Below Deck Med

Plus Danny spikes a fever and Jen hits cuke overload. 2016.06.29S01.E09

EHG 121: Loading In With Roadies

Jeff Drake returns to talk about Cameron Crowe's new dramedy series! 2016.06.28

The Daniel-San Also Rises On Below Deck Mediterranean

But who's plummeting in our BDM power rankings? 2016.06.22S01.E08

Danny's Pushed To The Limit On Below Deck Mediterranean

Plus migraines, Matty damage control, and Bobby's mangina. You heard me. 2016.06.15S01.E07

Who's The (Brat-)Wurst On Below Deck Med?

Sarah D. Bunting regrets nothing about that pun. Also: it's Bryan. Bryan is the worst. Shut up, Bryan. 2016.06.08S01.E06

Hayyyyy Crew

A threesome, a scuffle, and Danny on the spot on Below Deck Mediterranean. 2016.06.01S01.E05

Below Deck Mediterranean Does Dinner AND A Show

...of Danny's figurative ass, when he can't stop vibing with Morgan. 2016.05.25S01.E04

Below Deck Mediterranean Says Cheesecake

When models come aboard for a photo-shoot charter, Danny's literal boner leads to a series of figurative ones. 2016.05.18S01.E03

Below Deck Mediterranean Sleeps With The Fishes

For a few hours, before getting up at ugh-thirty to find the stupid Steelers game for the stupid client. Your inaugural Below Dick: Med power ranking! 2016.05.10S01.E02

Should You Dip A Toe Into Below Deck Mediterranean?

Or are you (sea-)sick of the yachtie-strife franchise as it is? 2016.05.03S01.E01


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