EHG Mini: Important TV Telephones

Ring ring! We're answering our fav phones in TV history. 2017.05.11

Bat-Climb Window Cameos vs. Annie's Christmas Song

It's superheroes meeting nosy celebrities vs. a lesson in deminiminmeghh! 2017.01.01

Darlene Love's Last Late Show Christmas vs. Bat-Climb Window Cameos

It's a Christmas baby we didn't want to go vs. superheroes meeting nosy celebrities! 2016.12.31

Daredevil Toys, Shirts With Punch, And Agents Of DRINKS: Gifts For Superhero-Show Fans

Plus, underpants, SPOOOOOOON!, and the worst board game in TV history. 2015.12.09

EHG 38: Making Up Is Hard To Do

Face Off returns, and Monty Ashley joins us to talk about it! 2014.07.29

EHG 17: Looking For Love

Mark Blankenship returns for a discussion of HBO shows, V.C. Andrews, and old-timey reality shows. 2014.01.20

Don't Clip Batmans Wings

The world needs a campy superhero. 2013.06.07


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