Bates Motel

Bates Motel: Apparently You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, And You Can Leave, Even If You're Dead

The disappearance of a dead body sends Norman into even more of an overheated tizzy than he usually enjoys, and things progress between his mother and Alex. 2016.03.14S04.E02

Bates Motel Would Be A Much Different Place If Health Insurance Were Affordable

After Norman's psychotic break lands him in a poorly-staffed public facility, both he and Norma begin obsessing on how to keep him out of there again. 2016.03.07S04.E01

Lucille Bluth's Wink vs. Norma Bates' Freakouts

It's when sly actually reads as disturbing vs. the mother of all tantrums! 2015.06.19

A Boy's Best Alibi Is His Mother

Norma finally admits that she's powerless to help Norman. Tragedy ensues. 2015.05.11S03.E10

Nookie For Norman?

When Norman's first love returns to town, he might get laid! Or not. 2015.05.04S03.E09

The Course Of Norma Bates's Love Life Never Did Run Smooth

Bob Paris moves on to the next phase of his plan: torture one of the men who's smitten with Norma, and use the results to alienate the other. As Norma struggles to contain the damage, she ends up alienating Norman. Uh oh. 2015.04.28S03.E08

There's Got To Be A Morning After

Norma and Romero deal with the consequences of the last six episodes' developments. In other news -- it looks like Norma's single again! But not for long. 2015.04.21

Norma Louise: New Name, New Car, Same Problems

Our heroine spends a night being 'Norma Louise,' and it's a rough ride for a remarkable number of people, including car salesmen, skeevy dudes at bars, and the people left behind to take care of Norman. 2015.04.13S03.E06

It's Just So Hard For A Woman To Have It All

Norma's brief -- and possibly illusory -- victory over Bob Paris and her budding romance with her psych professor lift her up; her sons' relationship with Caleb brings her down. 2015.04.06S03.E05

Mom's Never Going To Like You Best

Norma's new collusion with Dylan -- and his eagerness to have his mother treat him with maternal affection -- really sets Norman's teeth and/or his multiple personalities on edge. 2015.03.30S03.E04

Mother Doesn't Know Best

Norma drives her son madder -- not that it was a long trip -- but the real focus of the episode is the set-up for the seasonal mystery: who's bringing in pricey escorts and killing them off? 2015.03.23S03.E03

Norman Bates, Poster Boy For Why You Don't Date 'Nice Guys'

Emma's elated to be freed from the Friend Zone, but she doesn't seem to grasp that she's been sent to the Plausible Alibi Preserve, not Girlfriend Land. 2015.03.16S03.E02

Norman Bates, Smothered In His Sleep

Norma's blithe disregard for the American Pediatric Association's guidelines on co-sleeping may actually be the lesser of the problematic parental behaviors in this episode. 2015.03.09S03.E01

How Is Emma Going To Cement Herself As 'Part Of The Family'?

And other not-quite-burning questions taking us into the Bates Motel season finale next week. (Murder, right? Probably murder.) 2014.04.29S02.E09

Bates Motel Remembers It's A Prequel To Psycho

With two episodes left in the season, the allusions to the film get just a little less obscure. 2014.04.22S02.E08

Who's Really To Blame For White Pine Bay's Latest Mysterious Death?

If Emma hadn't told Norma about Norman's blackouts, Norma wouldn't have scuttled his driver's test. But If Cody hadn't told Emma, Norman wouldn't have stomped over to her house. But if Norma.... 2014.04.14S02.E07

Has Norma Officially Passed The Fashion Torch To Emma?

Collecting the most notable looks of the latest Bates Motel. 2014.04.08S02.E06

Can Norma Stop The Bypass In A Cheerful Floral Print?

Just because the latest Bates Motel takes place on a single day doesn't mean there aren't lots of looks to critique. 2014.04.01S02.E05

Pure Hilarity! Pure Norma!

Norma's new best friend introduces her to 'the real White Pine Bay' by inviting her to an elegant garden party! Too bad the brother who used to rape her is hanging around town threatening to ruin everything. 2014.03.18S02.E03

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