Bar Rescue

Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer Takes On Some Of TV’s Favorite Bars

Running a (fictional) bar is not just a business -- it’s a science. Jessica Liese imagines what he might have to say about watering holes on scripted TV shows. 2016.08.17

EHG Mini: Holodreck

The holodeck is now programmed with current TV. Which characters go where? 2016.07.29

Between Fear The Walking Dead And A Haunted Bar Rescue, The Supernatural Is Attacking The Southland

Oh, and a Supernatural star got attacked. Dig in to a spooky Lunch And A Show! 2015.08.24

EHG Mini: Haunted Bar Rescue

Friend of the show Matt Mira talks about the single greatest event of his life: appearing in the latest episode of Bar Rescue! 2015.08.23

Bar, Rescued

Looking back at a surprisingly good season of Spike's Bar Rescue. 2013.09.16S03.E20


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