Bachelor In Paradise

'I Feel Almost Like An Idiot'

Alliances shift on Bachelor In Paradise; also: Chris Bukowski, salsa, aphrodisiac cheese. 2015.08.31

ABC Confirms That Ben H. Is The Next Real Bachelor, While Shiri Appleby Of UnREAL, The Fake Bachelor, Confirms Her Pregnancy

We're catching up on news from Bachelor Nation, actual and pretend, in Lunch And A Show! 2015.08.25

Guadalajara Is For Lovers

On Bachelor In Paradise, some people fly to Guadalajara, while others go fishing, while still others sit around and sob inconsolably. The usual, in other words. 2015.08.25S02.E08

Bachelor In Paradise Whacks The Old Agave

The Bachelor In Paradise crew stew in their own vile juices some more, with plenty of tequila a'flowin'. 2015.08.24S02.E07

I Wanna Marry Harry Gaslighted Contestants; Greenlight Shines On

Lunch And A Show bows before reality royalty, real and imagined. 2015.08.18

'I Feel So Much Feelings For You.'

The drama on Bachelor In Paradise continues, as Joe and Samantha keep up their slimy shenanigans. Also: more crabs! 2015.08.18S02.E06

What It Means To Be Humans, And Inhuman

Synths, Hannibal (heard of 'im), and more in Lunch And A Show. 2015.08.17

Juelia Me Once, Shame On You

The dummies on Bachelor In Paradise continue to weave tangled webs of intrigue. Also: sex in a pool, sombreros, crab cannibalism. 2015.08.17S02.E05

The Fosters Gets Caught In A Bad Romance, Joins A Not-That-Proud TV Tradition

Let's talk about couples who should have just stayed friends in Lunch And A Show! 2015.08.11

As Clare As The Nose On Your Face

Bachelor In Paradise gets crazier and creepier, and this time it only took an hour! 2015.08.11S02.E04

'This Is Actually Hell. This Isn't Paradise.'

This week, Bachelor In Paradise offers up tears, more tears, a raccoon, and a very accurate description of the show. 2015.08.10

Lunch And A Show Ate Your Whole Care Package

Summer TV's (camp?) classics. 2015.08.04

The Opposite Of Hot Yoga

Bachelor In Paradise continues its nonsense for a second night, with more tears, plus tantric yoga and crabs! 2015.08.04S02.E02

Bachelor In Paradise Is Back, And Drunker Than Ever Before!

Bachelor In Paradise is back for a second season, and Clare is on it, AGAIN. Also: fake paramedics, drunken make-outs, and more of the same old bullshit we've come to expect. 2015.08.03S02.E01

Oh, Think Twice: It's Everyone's Last Day In Paradise

On the crushingly stupid Bachelor In Paradise finale, people break up for dumb reasons and stay together for even dumber reasons. 2014.09.09S01.E07

Bat-chelor In Paradise

This week on Bachelor In Paradise, bats swarm people's heads but no one gets rabies. Should you watch anyway? 2014.09.02S01.E06

Clare Thee Well

On the second night this week of Bachelor In Paradise, people vomit, cry, and go to second base, but what's worth your time? 2014.08.27S01.E05

And Now, For A Little Cave Music

The dim bulbs on Bachelor In Paradise are treated to "sperlunking," cave music, and more this week. But is any of it worth your valuable time? 2014.08.26S01.E04

Crazy For Trying And Crazy For Crying

On Bachelor In Paradise, injuries and tears abound, as usual. Which bits are worth your time? 2014.08.19S01.E03

Cuz I'm Free, Free Fallin' (Off A Balcony)

This week's Bachelor In Paradise brings broken limbs and broken hearts! How much of it can you fast-forward over without hating yourself? 2014.08.12S01.E02

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