Let's All Give This Episode of Awkward. The Side-Eye

Mostly because they chose not to make it an homage to seminal CBS Christian drama Touched By An Angel. 2014.04.30S04.E03

Tamara's Comically Large Sandwich On Awkward. Has A Secret

Whatever it is, it's more interesting than whatever Matty's brooding about. 2014.04.23S04.E02

How Awkward Will Senior Year Be For The Kids On Awkward.?

Not as awkward as Jake's flesh-colored beard. 2014.04.16S04.E01

No One Is On Team Collin

Is Jenna, even? Is Collin? 2013.10.23S03.E11

(Passing) Notes On A Scandal

'TO BE CONTINUED...'????? 2013.06.12S03.E10

I Am The Twix Bar From Awkward.

Look how delicious I am! 2013.06.05S03.E09

'You See A Shirtless Matty, And Your Body Just Takes Over'

"I don't remember making a decision in my mind to do it." 2013.05.29S03.E08

The Drawbacks Of Being A Wallflower

One is that a nosy girl might think she knows your life. 2013.05.22S03.E07

Yes, It's A Teen Show, But Don't Let That Make You Feel Awkward.

Save MTV's sweet sitcom for Friday nights and kick off your weekend in Palos Hills. 2013.05.17S03.E06

Edibles Are Having A Moment

Teenagers are eating drugs! 2013.05.15S03.E06

I Am The Box Of Tampons Matty Delivered To Jenna

I don't really love the way she treated me, frankly. 2013.05.08S03.E05

Sadie And Matty: Non-Carnal Soul Twins

Notes on TV's most unlikely friendship. 2013.04.24S03.E03

Lacey Gets Something Right

Much as we might hate to admit it. 2013.04.17S03.E02


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