Arrow: S02

Things Get Real

When even Amanda Waller has to pull her guns, you know the season finale is getting out of hand. 2014.05.15S02.E23

Laurel The Archer

If someone else uses Oliver's bow, is it still really Arrow? 2014.05.08S02.E22

Too Many Deathstrokes

When Oliver fights an army of Slade's mini-Slades, is that Arrow-y enough? 2014.05.01S02.E21

The Flight Of The Canary

Sara makes a big decision, while another person knows Oliver's secret...but not for long. 2014.04.24S02.E20

Slade's Vengeance (Part 3 Of 635)

When nobody's fighting, we learn that the Arrow writers might not fully understand how finance works. 2014.04.17S02.E19

When Slade Wilson Kidnaps Thea Queen, Is It An Arrowing Experience?

Monty kicks off our coverage of Arrow! 2014.04.03S02.E18


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