Marry, Ascend, Kill

Almost everyone travels to Nanda Parbat for a last-ditch attempt to foil Ra's's plans. It doesn't go perfectly. 2015.05.07S03.E22

Now Oliver's Evil?

You have to jump through a lot of evil hoops to become the head of the League of Assassins. 2015.04.30S03.E21

I Came To Nanda Parbat For The Waters

The attack on Thea was the last straw, and Oliver takes his team to the headquarters of the League of Assassins. 2015.04.23S03.E20

Team-Ups And Put-Downs

The Atom and the Arrow have to work together, and it's fun. A surprising number of deaths make it a little somber, though. 2015.04.16S03.E19

Cheezit! The Cops!

Oliver's habit of breaking the law, combined with Quentin's anger about Sara, result in bad news for Team Arrow. 2015.04.02S03.E18

Unexpected Heroism

A recurring villain gets some character development, just in time for it not to matter that much. 2015.03.26S03.E17

How Oliver Got His Groove Back

After his brief Nanda Parbat vacation, Oliver comes home to decide what he wants to do with his life. 2015.03.19

Cupid's Arrow

Everyone's either making crazy sacrifices for each other or taking a break for some unexpected sexing. It may be a comic book show, but it's still on The CW. 2015.02.26S03.E15

Flashback To The Future

The island is in the present and Starling City is in the flashback. Everything's all twisty-turny and upside-downy. 2015.02.19

We Have To Go Back

Actors we thought we'd lost make a reappearance. And so do old locations, which is an actual surprise. 2015.02.12S03.E13

Everyone But Oliver

Practically the entire cast of Arrow is made up of masked vigilantes at this point. It's a shame they all still need Oliver to tell them what to do. 2015.02.05S03.E12

Revenge Of The Black Canary

The Black Canary has a new face, and it's actually kind of plausible. We're as surprised as you are! 2015.01.29S03.E11

Replacement Olivers

With Oliver dead, everybody in town has to take up the slack. Some people put on familiar wigs, some people construct high-tech armor, and SOME people forget about putting on any sort of mask at all. Come on, Diggle. Get it together. 2015.01.22S03.E10

TCA 2015: The CW Has Zombies, Superheroes, And Vampires, Oh My

The CW has the prettiest people on television, and some of them wear supercute boots. How hot are the shows on our spectrum? 2015.01.11

Cliffhanger Ending

The biggest question of the season is finally answered: yes, Arrow will still take his shirt off when he has to. (Also there's a lot of plot-related stuff.) 2014.12.11S03.E09

Hello Barry

The most fun episode of the season comes courtesy of a visitor from a certain other superhero show. (It's the Flash. From The Flash.) 2014.12.03S03.E08

Alternate-Reality Arrow

Everything's higgledy-piggledy as familiar Arrow elements return, but with a twist. 2014.11.20S03.E07

Boxing Glove Arrow

What do you get when a boxer meets an archer? There's only one good answer, and it's extremely silly. 2014.11.13S03.E06

Hack The Planet

Felicity takes center stage as we learn her shocking secret: she was a goth in college. 2014.11.06S03.E05

Too Many Archers

Yet another bow-and-arrow expert stops by Starling City, but this one's on the side of good. Well, and assassinations. 2014.10.30S03.E04


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