Watch All '80s TV Advertising Mashed Up In A Single Mesmerizing Supercut

It's Throwback Thursday in Lunch And A Show! 2015.11.19

Arrow Gives Its Costumes A Workout

The fight-to-plot ratio is somewhat skewed this week as Team Arrow invades multiple secret headquarters. 2015.11.19S04.E07

Arrow Rescues People And Relationships

People are saved from certain doom. And then there's kissing. Kind of a lot of it. 2015.11.12S04.E06

EHG 94: Less Kissing, More Superpowers

That's Monty Ashley's recommendation as he joins us for superhero TV talk, a Nonac, alphabet Game Time, and more! 2015.11.10

Arrow Resurrects The Dead

Do you believe in a life after cancellation? 2015.11.04S04.E05

I Can't Believe You Ate The Whole Lunch And A Show

Survivor, Below Deck, and the 90210 Visual Aids will all have you reaching for the Alka. 2015.10.29

Arrow Makes Friends Of Enemies

Also there's a new Arrowlair. And yes, it has a salmon ladder. 2015.10.29S04.E04

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's Lunch And A Show!

Supergirl, super girls, and missing Christopher Reeve. 2015.10.27

Arrow Splits Up The Team

While half of Team Arrow is in Nanda Parbat, the boys reach an understanding in Star City. 2015.10.22S04.E03

Arrow Revisits Itself

A mayoral campaign and a team member with rage issues? Sounds a little familiar. 2015.10.15S04.E02

Arrow Turns On The Darhk

There's a new villain, a new city name, and even a new name for the titular hero. It's a new Arrow day! 2015.10.08S04.E01

EHG Mini: Frankenshow

Stitching together the next pretty good drama. 2015.05.20

Taking Care Of Business

Oliver comes back to Starling City for a climactic battle. Then he goes on vacation. Seriously. 2015.05.14S03.E23

Marry, Ascend, Kill

Almost everyone travels to Nanda Parbat for a last-ditch attempt to foil Ra's's plans. It doesn't go perfectly. 2015.05.07S03.E22

Now Oliver's Evil?

You have to jump through a lot of evil hoops to become the head of the League of Assassins. 2015.04.30S03.E21

I Came To Nanda Parbat For The Waters

The attack on Thea was the last straw, and Oliver takes his team to the headquarters of the League of Assassins. 2015.04.23S03.E20

Team-Ups And Put-Downs

The Atom and the Arrow have to work together, and it's fun. A surprising number of deaths make it a little somber, though. 2015.04.16S03.E19