Arranged Ends Its Season...But Not, Alas, Any Of Its Depressing Marriages

Your editors debate which stinkfacedly beleaguered spouse they'd free if they could only free one. 2016.07.12S02.E10

Arranged Couples Clash Over Cooking, Training, And Partying

And everyone's miserable -- except Ben, who loves life with his wife/servant. 2016.07.05S02.E09

The Husbands Of Arranged Get Jealous Of Other Real Estate Agents, An As-Yet Hypothetical Baby, And An Airline

Your editors discuss an Arranged that's even more depressing than usual! 2016.06.28S02.E08

Straining Budgets Strain Patience On Arranged

Fights about work and money thread through the second hour of an Arranged double-header; your editors choose sides/discuss! 2016.06.21S02.E07

God Only Knows What's Keeping These Couples Together On Arranged

The Texans and New Yorkers grapple with ecclesiastical issues this week, while Mayur's brief and half-assed babysitting convinces Maneka he's an angel; your editors discuss! 2016.06.21S02.E06

The Honeymoon Is Over On Arranged

For the one couple of the three who even get to have a honeymoon, that is. As the wives continue finding new reasons to hate their husbands, your editors discuss! 2016.06.07S02.E05

Another Arranged Couple Bites The Dust (By Which We Mean: Get Married, Unhappily)

Mayur takes Maneka to chide, ignore, and tolerate all the days of their lives, while Taylor and Melba have a testy lunch summit and Vicki lets her mom try out wig life; your editors discuss! 2016.05.31S02.E04

Arranged Wives Handle Husbands Who Are Rude, Judgmental, And...Thirsty?

Somehow the guy who tells his wife he regrets marrying her is not the most objectionable one in 'Cold Feet, Hot Temper.' 2016.05.24S02.E03

The Wives Of Arranged Hate Their Husbands, Lives

Brides deal with disappointments big and small, generally without much grace; your editors discuss! 2016.05.17S02.E02

Arranged Throws A Dinner Party, And Caveman Josh Ruins It

Lisa makes herself useful for the first time ever, while the other two couples have a harder time holding up their share of the episode. Your editors discuss! 2015.11.17S01.E14

Arranged Shows The Marital Consequences Of One Partner's Very Real, Non-Fake Sex Strike

Josh tells Meghan she has to get a job before she gets the D; your editors discuss! 2015.11.10S01.E13

Donald Trump Claims His Imminent SNL Hosting Gig Was Originally Just Going To Be A Sketch

And more bad politics deployed for the sake of good TV! 2015.11.04

Arranged Reunites Christian And Maria, Allows The World's Greatest Love Story To Continue

Meanwhile, Ragini and Veeral shop for a house, and Meghan shops for barstools against express instructions. Your editors discuss! 2015.11.03S01.E12

Lunch And A Show's Higher Education

Movie magic, the blues, and Donna Martin graduating. 2015.10.28

Arranged Tries To Bring Back Maria, And Lets Christian Make Both His (Punchable) Faces

Also, the other people whatever. Your editors discuss! 2015.10.27S01.E11

EHG 92: Supergirl Takes Her First Flight

Jeff Alexander joins us to talk about TV's latest DC Comics import. 2015.10.27

Bless Your Heart, Your Banana Pudding Tastes Like Tepid Phlegm

Which moments from Arranged's season finale fail the sniff test? 2015.06.03S01.E08

Battle Of The Arranged Assholes

Christian faces Josh's mother Lisa in a fight to decide, once and for all, which is worse. 2015.05.27S01.E07

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