Gathering The Comrades For The Americans

Stephen Falk wigs up for our discussion of the final season of FX's spy drama! 2018.04.04

Dressed In Holiday Style

The TV characters we most want to go holiday shopping with, and why. 2017.12.12


Dancing With The Fictional Stars attempts to improve the original. 2017.04.10

EHG 151: Spring Forward With Our Midseason Roundup!

John Ramos joins the panel to discuss all the new and returning TV we're mad for/meh on, plus DS9 and the hegemony of Chris Hardwick. 2017.04.05

A Very Previously.TV Holiday Gift Guide: Books 'Written' By Fictional TV Characters!

Though you'd think fictional characters would have better things to do than write real-world books, Monty Ashley tells you which ones are good. 2016.12.07

Bunny And Kitty vs. Pam's Field Agent Test

It's an unlikely animal friendship turned crime procedural vs. training taken under mostly sterile conditions! 2016.11.20

The Skytanic Bomb Disarmament vs. Lisa Lionheart

It's a helium-filled Danger Zone vs. a challenge to Malibu Stacy! 2016.10.26

The Skytanic Bomb Disarmament vs. Jimmy Shive-Overly's Fake Mustache

It's a helium-filled Danger Zone vs. the worst fake accessory in Los Angeles! 2016.10.25

EHG Mini: Cartoon Version

Replacing live-action TV characters with animated versions. 2016.06.08

EHG 118: UnREAL-ity Television

As everyone's favorite dark Bachelor satire returns, so does guest John Ramos for all the money, dick, and power you can shake a walkie at! 2016.06.07

EHG Mini: Dear Blank

TV characters turned advice columnists. 2016.03.30

EHG Mini: Tandem Skydiving

The characters we'd want to strap ourselves to to jump out of planes. 2016.02.19

Watch The Cast Of Archer In A Shot-For-Shot Remake Of The Opening Credits For Magnum P.I

And block off several hours this week to watch it over and over again. 2016.02.02

Sterling Archer's Voicemail vs. Robots

It's the most annoying on-going prank on TV vs. the #1 cause of death for those over 50 years of age! 2015.11.21

Sterling Archer's Voicemail vs. Daisy Duke's Daisy Dukes

It's the most annoying on-going prank on TV vs. the shorts so small they were almost imaginary! 2015.11.20

Sterling Archer's Voicemail vs. Mustard-Free Clothing

It's the most annoying on-going prank on TV vs. a musical tribute to dry cleaning triumphs! 2015.11.19

Multiple Techniques vs. Sterling Archer's Voicemail

It's Tasha Yar's sex droid vs. the most annoying on-going prank on TV! 2015.11.18

Lunch And A Show: The Scientific Method

Mr. Wizard, Krieger, and Weird Science: The TV Show. 2015.07.29

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