Should Manson Documentaries That Can't Focus Cease To Exist?

A student film out of Chicago takes a look at one of the few compelling aspects of the Manson myth in Aquarius...but hits a few of the same snags. 2017.05.31

EHG Mini: Aquarius: The New Class

Giving Hodiak a break and assigning new gumshoes to the Charles Manson case. 2016.06.30

EHG Mini: Hamilton-esque

What show, past or present, should get the hip-hop-musical-reimagining treatment? 2016.06.27

Aquarius Benz The Rules Of '60s Production Design

But looks great doing it in our Fashion Show At Lunch. 2016.06.24S02.E04

Charles Manson And Dennis Wilson Strike A Chord On Aquarius

Sarah D. Bunting doesn't really love the show, but this friendship might keep her hangin' on. 2016.06.16S02.E01

EHG 116: The Heat Is On: Summer TV Preview

Kim Reed and the panel pick our most promising new shows, returning shows we're psyched for, and shows we couldn't care less about as the summer season ramps up. 2016.05.17

EHG 79: Strained Explanations

Omar Gallaga returns to tell us all about the vampire zombies of FX's gross-out supernatural show! 2015.07.21

Odd Manson Out

What got Aquarius made isn't what makes Aquarius good: the season in review. 2015.06.12S01.E13

Will Hodiak Ever Eat That Apple Fritter?

Aquarius waves resolution in front of our faces, but it's hard to get a bite. 2015.06.11S01.E12

Aquarius Hits The Mother Load

Everyone and their mother (and father) shows up for S01E11, so we had no choice but to rank the parent/child relationships we see. 2015.06.10S01.E11

Do Hispanic People Who Are Trying To Pass As White Really Go All 'Enchiladas' When Saying Spanish Words?

When a closeted Cuban detective is exposed, the entire bullpen is thrown for a loop. 2015.06.09S01.E10

Vincent Bugliosi, Manson Prosecutor, Dies At Age 80

Watch an interview with the true-crime legend about JFK, Manson, and more. 2015.06.09

Semi-Divorced Detective Seeks Same (Ladies He Sought Before)

We found Sam Hodiak's (fake) dating profile! It's perfect...just like everything else he does. 2015.06.08S01.E09

Battle Of The Evans Arnold

Which Evan Arnold comes out ahead: the one who hangs out with the murderous hippies of Aquarius, or the one who hangs out with the apparently non-murderous hippies of the Mad Men series finale? 2015.06.05S01.E08

Granny Chasers Unite

When Hodiak investigates a movie star's death, he learns that love gets a lot less free when you're over fifty. 2015.06.04S01.E07

Maybe Instead Of Joining A Cult, These Girls Could Start An Etsy Store?

And more not-quite-burning questions about S01E06 of Aquarius! 2015.06.03S01.E06

The Rage Of Aquarius

A ranking of vintage romantic dysfunction. 2015.06.02S01.E05

EHG 72: The Bachelorette's Rose-Colored Asses

Stephanie Early Green returns to discuss whether The Bachelorette's current crop of doofi is UnREAL. 2015.06.01

Express Yourself

Sam solves a murder, Emma takes a trip, and everyone looks flawless. 2015.06.01S01.E04

Aquarius Is Having A 'Ball'

Your commentator is not, and is not a crackpot for thinking there was a better way to get the real word in S01E03. 2015.05.29S01.E03

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