Any Given Wednesday

EHG 134: Going Long With Saturday Night Live

Omar Gallaga returns to talk about the sketch show/American comedy institution! 2016.11.07

Watch Any Given Wednesday With Bill Simmons Give Mad Props To Jeff Probst

Reality TV show hosts come and go, but Probst is forever. 2016.09.15S01.E10

Watch Jonah Hill Discuss Martin Scorsese On Any Given Wednesday

It seems like Marty telling him to shut up actually worked wonders. 2016.08.18S01.E08

Watch Seth Rogen And Ricky Williams Talk Weed On Any Given Wednesday With Bill Simmons

It's good to know that "teriyaki garlic weed" sauce actually tastes pretty good with chicken. 2016.08.11S01.E07

EHG Mini: Go Affleck Yourself

Putting Any Given Wednesday guest Ben Affleck's pottymouth to work on other unscripted series. 2016.07.04

Ask Any Given Wednesday's Incensed Ben Affleck

The Oscar-winner and Tom Brady defender answers your sports questions. ANGRILY. 2016.06.23S01.E01

Watch A Bull Durham-Inspired Promo For Bill Simmons's New HBO Show, Any Given Wednesday

Will you feel the same way he does about...long putters? (That's a thing?) 2016.05.16


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