Ancient Aliens

Looking For Signs Of Life On In Search Of

The Zachary Quinto reboot of the '70s Sunday-afternoon mainstay, plus Frasier for the Canon and a familial Game Time! 2018.07.18

EHG 38: Making Up Is Hard To Do

Face Off returns, and Monty Ashley joins us to talk about it! 2014.07.29

EHG Mini: Own It

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent, except about TV. 2014.03.20

EHG Mini: Dim Bulbers

You know those shows you don't admit to watching, because nobody else you know watches them and they're for your maiden auntie -- but someone's watching, because they keep getting renewed for eighteen seasons? We'll be admitting to ours (and Mark's and Sarah's are the same…the shame of it!). 2013.11.25


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