America’s Next Top Model

It's Double Double Twinsies And Trouble On America's Next Top Model

Tash and Cody fight, India and Courtney go to Orlando, and Rita Ora celebrates herself. 2017.02.15S23.E11

America's Next Top Model Fails At Feminism

As Amber Rose is helicoptered in to help celebrate 'lady bosses,' because of course she is. 2017.02.08S23.E10

EHG 144: Rising To The Challenge's 372nd Season

jk, it's 'only' Season 29 -- but will this round of innovations breathe new life into MTV's old warhorse? Kim Reed has thoughts! 2017.02.08

America's Next Top Model Suffers From Déjà Vu

Eliminated models return for a repeat challenge in a mostly stale episode. 2017.02.01S23.E09

America's Next Top Model Leans Over The Lap Of Luxury

It's all champagne wishes and private-jet nightmares on this cycle's least woke episode. 2017.01.30S23.E08

EHG Mini: FMK II: The FMKening

We presented TV-related FMKs to each other. 2017.01.30

Someone On America's Next Top Model Is Dancing On Thin Ice

During this week's 'movement challenge,' one young squirt of a model gets into it with Stacey McKenzie. Big mistake. Big. HUGE. 2017.01.23S23.E07

America's Next Top Model Won't Go Down Without A Fight

It's the most volatile episode of the season yet, but will two models find love amidst the chaos? 2017.01.16S23.E06

America's Next Top Model Goes Gonzo While Shopping For Garbanzo Beans

Lady Gaga's fashion director is on hand to deck the models in fifteen pounds of fashion before shipping them off to the supermarket. 2017.01.09S23.E05

America's Next Top Model Gets Snappy With The Social Media Challenge

Not even a DJ Khalid speech on the metaphorical power of sunlight can stop the models from arguing like internet trolls. 2017.01.02S23.E04

America's Next Top Model Sheds Its Hair And Its Clothes

In this cycle's nude photo shoot, no one can hide their ill-conceived makeovers. 2016.12.26S23.E03

America's Next Top Model Throws A Mother F---ing Walk-Off

Cycle 23 kicks things off proper by inviting Stacey McKenzie and Zendaya to judge the models' walks. 2016.12.19S23.E02

Who Is Rita Ora, And Why Is She Sitting In Tyra's America's Next Top Model Chair?

And other not-so-burning questions from the premiere of VH1's revamped Top Model. 2016.12.12S23.E01

Watch A New Trailer For VH1's America's Next Top Model

'It's all about being a boss.' - Rita Ora. 2016.11.28

Watch A Teaser For The First VH1 Cycle Of America's Next Top Model

This is the first cycle to air directly on VH1, and the first cycle without the legendary Tyra Banks. 2016.08.29

Murphy Brown's Parade Of Secretaries vs. Jade's Humility

It's giving Human Resources a run for their money vs. a most humble top model! 2016.07.18

Sucky-Baby Makeover Freakouts On America's Next Top Model

The best part of every Cycle, and also, weirdly, the most real. 2016.04.14

Elyse Sewell's Epic Rant vs. 'We Changed Timezones?'

It's one fed-up, foul-mouthed model vs. Toby Ziegler, who works at the White House! 2016.03.28

Elyse Sewell's Epic Rant vs. Daleks Climbing Stairs

It's one fed-up, foul-mouthed model vs. the most terrifying thing in time and space! 2016.03.27

Ayeyeyeyey vs. Elyse Sewell's Epic Rant

It's Xena's war cry vs. one fed-up, foul-mouthed model! 2016.03.26