America’s Got Talent

America's Got Talent Dances Around The Obvious

After the usual hour of business in the studio, AGT goes outside to watch some 'extreme' acts with an extremely remote shot at winning. 2015.06.17S10.E04

Backwards, In Heels, And With Seventy Years On Her Partner

Tao the ninety-six-year-old ballroom dancer is but one of the auditioners condescendingly advanced in the latest America's Got Talent. Let's give out awards for all the most notable acts! 2015.06.10S10.E03

Minimal Talent, Lots Of Weird

Like America itself, the show features a lot of weirdos and nerds and only a few who actually have talent, but that's the draw. Plus lots of magicians. 2015.06.03S10.E02

America's Kidz Got Dancing

Handing out awards (and 'awards') for the auditioners of America's Got Talent's Season 10 premiere. 2015.05.27S10.E01

Hitting The High Notes

America's Got Talent's five-minute master class on timing. 2013.06.12

Can America's Got Talent Charm More Than A Snake?

Giving the novelty-act showcase a spin. 2013.06.05S08.E01


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