American Idol

Idol Endnotes: Billbored

A Top Ten theme separates the wheat from the chaff. 2014.03.19S13.E20

Idol Endnotes: Party On The Top, Disaster On The Bottom

Sarah's actually referring to J.Lo's outfit, but the bottom three is no picnic either. 2014.03.13S13.E19

Idol Endnotes: Project MK Ultra

These songs are as synonymous with cinema as Harry Connick Jr. 2014.03.12S13.E18

Idol Endnotes: Let's Get Lo'd

Three girls hope for the save as the Top 12 face the music. 2014.03.06S13.E17

Idol Endnotes: Dexter's Lab

The dog-trainer refuses to roll over as the Top 12 perform. 2014.03.05S13.E16

Idol Endnotes: Hot Crest Buns

We learn a little about The Crest's childhood musicianship, and one girl goes home. 2014.02.27S13.E15

Idol Endnotes: They Have Been To Me, Actually

"This Is Me" theme night hits some sour notes. 2014.02.27S13.E14

EHG 22: How Amazing Is The Amazing Race?

The premiere of the latest all-star season has us considering the matter. 2014.02.24

Idol Endnotes: The Crest Is Nearly Bear-Hugged To Death

We meet the Top 13; J. Lo tooootally makes a RuPaul's Drag Race reference. 2014.02.20S13.E13

Idol Endnotes: Everyone Desperately Needs To Pee

Your cheat sheet for the Top 15 Boys performance episode. 2014.02.19S13.E12

Will American Idol Get Stuck In Sarah's Head Again?

The former juggernaut gets another listen. 2014.02.19

Ask Not What The Claymates Can Do For You

As Clay Aiken hits the congressional campaign trail, we imagine what might go on at his press conferences. 2014.02.07

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