American Idol

Big Audio Denouement

As American Idol crowns a thirteenth winner, Sarah wonders how it can keep rebuilding next season. 2014.05.21S13.E40

Idol Endnotes: Meatloaf Jr. vs. Li'l Tori

The final showdown before tomorrow night's 17,590-hour finale. 2014.05.20S13.E40

EHG 32: Gone Catfish-ing

The Nerdist's own Matt Mira joins the gang to discuss Catfish and Star Trek: TNG. Now with more gutterminded flute jokes! 2014.05.20

Idol Endnotes: And Then There Were Two

The final Idol showdown is set. 2014.05.15S13.E39

Idol Endnotes: Home, Sick

Vocal-cord woes, one-man-banding, and Gaga moments as the final three fight to stay. 2014.05.15S13.E38

Idol Endnotes: I'm Going Home

The final three get their parades, but who's going home without the cameras? 2014.05.08S13.E37

Idol Endnotes: Four Play

The time crunch of singing three songs each means the Idols all make easy, boring song picks. 2014.05.07S13.E36

Idol Endnotes: Twisted

A performance by Keith Urban, and a pointless change-up by the producers. 2014.05.01S13.E35

Idol Endnotes: High Five

America picked the songs, and it went about how you'd expect. 2014.05.01S13.E34

Idol Endnotes: Country Strong

Keith cleans up nice to send a Top Sixer home. 2014.04.24S13.E33

Idol Endnotes: No Y'allternative

The Top 6 perform variations on no theme. 2014.04.23S13.E32

Idol Endnotes: What's The Point

A pediatrician would call this outcome "failure to thrive." Sarah just thinks it's sad. 2014.04.17S13.E31

Idol Endnotes: 205 By Five

The Idols choose songs for one another as the Top 7 perform. 2014.04.16S13.E30

Idol Endnotes: Only The Young

Cosby sweaters (Malaya), Zack Morris shirts (Sam), and an Australia belt buckle (guess) close out '80s week, and someone goes home. 2014.04.10S13.E29

Idol Endnotes: Ryanomics

Idol's first legit theme week, the '80s, is awesome at times, gnarly at others. 2014.04.09S13.E28

Idol Endnotes: Deja Vu

It turns out they lost the recordings of the Top Eight's original auditions, so they have to shoot it again. 2014.04.03S13.E24

Idol Endnotes: Rush For A Change Of Atmosphere

A contestant goes home, with no time for context. Another contestant wears a Hypercolor shirt. 2014.03.27S13.E23

Idol Endnotes: Band Heat

The Top 9 labor under an "I'm With The Band" non-theme; a Gummi bear the size of a ham is violated onstage. 2014.03.26S13.E22

Idol Endnotes: Girls Gone Mild

Bad singing, worse hair, and an unwelcome visit from the anti-peanut lobby. 2014.03.20S13.E21

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