American Idol

America Has Terrible Taste In Men

Thankfully, Aretha Franklin pops up in the D(etroit) to remind us that we'll survive the season. 2015.03.05S14.E17

Oh Yeah It's Ladies' Night, And The Feeling's...Enh

I don't want to say that the boys did it better… but the boys did it better. 2015.02.27S14.E16

Boys Night In Motor City

The Top 12 guys perform as voting finally opens for the season. 2015.02.26S14.E15

Dreaming In The House Of Blues

The Top 24 is revealed as Idol gets ready to go live. 2015.02.19S14.E14

It's A Sing-Off, Y'all

Solos and showdowns at the House of Blues. 2015.02.19

Going Solo

No more groups, no more excuses. 2015.02.12S14.E12

All Filler, No Killer

Crazies, crisis, and conflict close out the group round. 2015.02.12S14.E11

Idol, We Just Became Best Friends

The emotional roller coaster that is Hollywood week rolls on. 2015.02.06S14.E10

Hooray For Hollywood

Hollywood Week kicks off with blasts from the recent past. 2015.02.05S14.E09

American Idol Leaves Its Heart (And Its Failed Auditioners) In San Francisco

A little bit of meh, a little bit of wow, and some awws. 2015.01.29S14.E08

Things Get Weird In San Francisco

You talented, but you cray, Bay City. 2015.01.28S14.E07

American Idol Makes It To Harry's Hometown

In the sixth audition episode, New Orleans takes center stage. 2015.01.22S14.E06

Minneapolis Is Meh

Stephanie Cangro walks you through an episode that's more of a wait than an actual audition. 2015.01.21S14.E05

TCA 2015: Weird Loners, The Last Man On Earth, And Other Drinking Games

It's all about the funny-sad, and M. Night Shymalan. 2015.01.17

Welcome To New York

There's a cockroach on the floor, and Adam Lambert looks like Zac Efron now. 2015.01.16S14.E04

Going To Kansas City

Banjos and BBQ are waiting for you! 2015.01.14S14.E03

Music City, USA Makes Good

Later, Kansas makes an impression and Harry makes a lot of faces. 2015.01.08S14.E02

Season 14 Kicks Off In Keith Country

J.Lo's not thrilled about it, and someone already owes Harry $700,000. 2015.01.07S14.E01

Eliminated Contestants Should Never Get To Come Back. Ever.

An impassioned treatise on a trend that's poisoning reality television. 2014.12.16

EHG Mini: Important TV Wristwatches

All about the notable arm clocks of the idiot box. 2014.06.16

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