American Idol

Everything's Coming Up...Little Rock

American Idol heads to Little Rock and to San Francisco, where there are, apparently, some extremely impressive singers. And infants. 2016.01.08S15.E02

Kanye West Is Gonna Let You Finish, American Idol

American Idol opens its 15th and final season, and it's exactly everything you would expect it to be -- plus Seacrest Hair Snark™. 2016.01.06S15.E01

Kelly Clarkson Sings 'Stuff Like That There' vs. Mr. Rogers' House Shoes

It's the moment that American Idol came into its own vs. sensible indoor attire! 2015.08.17

Disarming Alex Krycek vs. Kelly Clarkson Sings 'Stuff Like That There'

It's the horror of getting an arm cut off vs. the moment that American Idol came into its own! 2015.08.16

EHG 69: In For A Penny

Matt Debenham makes his début to talk about Showtime's monster mash, Penny Dreadful! 2015.05.14

Who Didn't See That Coming?

The predictable WGWG is crowned champion at the close of an unnecessarily long finale. 2015.05.14S14.E30

Well, This Is Awkward

Super-duper, extra Seacrest-y, with a twist of Borch awkward. 2015.05.13S14.E29

Hometown Heroes

The Final Four head home before tripling up on performances in the season's penultimate week. 2015.05.07S14.E28

Who Has Two Thumbs And A Lucrative Future In Commercial Voice-Over?

This guy -- plus the Borch gets in the Beck's face, and one goes home. 2015.04.30S14.E27

Three Boys, Two Girls, And One Seacrest

The Top Five are announced as the fog machine goes into overdrive. 2015.04.23S14.E26

Take It Easy, Baby, Make It Last All Night

Double the performances means double trouble, as Idol proves just how live it really is. 2015.04.16S14.E25

Crazy Things Happen On Billboard Night

Let's all giggle-swoon along to Harry's cover of "Teenage Dream." 2015.04.09S14.E24

Tweet Your Heart Out, America

In which Scott 'invites' Kelly Clarkson to mentor the Top 9 finalists. 2015.04.02S14.E23

Nothing Would Be Easy If Your Colors Were Like My Dreams

The Top 9 are revealed as the Hoff strips a little and Boy George giggles along. 2015.03.26S14.E22

Harry Hates Movie Night

The subparness of the performances has only one cure: Kenny Loggins. 2015.03.20S14.E21

EHG 62: Facing The Seven Hours Of Music (or You're Talented)

Stephanie Cangro joins us to talk about her beat: reality singing competitions! 2015.03.17

American Idol LIVE!

Ryan promises "two hours of insane entertainment," so Qassim sings a song about a lady suffragette, or a giraffe, or something… 2015.03.13S14.E20

Top 12, Get Your Top 12 Here!

'Aside from the finale, this is the biggest night of the season,' says Ryan, dramatically. 2015.03.12S14.E19

Let's Get Rid Of Auditions

Stephanie Cangro is not a crackpot: she just never wants to see an audition montage again. 2015.03.09

Goodbye Detroit, Hello Top 8 Ladies

Aretha Franklin has never misspelled 'respect,' and she never will. But what about this year's batch of girls? 2015.03.06S14.E18

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