American Idol

American Votes Mess Up American Idol

The #IdolRequest gimmick forces some uncomfortable song choices, the judges use their last save of the season, and Adam Lambert reminds us of when the show used to be great. 2016.03.18S15.E19

American Idol Has Its Top 6

Another double elimination sends two favorites home, while the duet performances have the judges showing some bias. 2016.03.11S15.E18

American Idol Gets Confident

Demi Lovato brings out the best in the Top Ten, but only eight are left standing by the end of the night. 2016.03.04S15.E17

EHG 107: Speaking Truth To Catfish

Stephanie Green returns to dig into the Season 5 premiere of MTV's 'investigative' 'non-fiction' series! 2016.03.01

American Idol Names Its Top 10

Performers perform, judges kinda-sorta judge, and Kelly Clarkson makes us fall in love with her all over again. 2016.02.26S15.E16

American Idol Is An American Stereotype

The Latino croons, the Country Chick yeehaws, and the Pop Star gets by without any real effort as Wildcard Night proves to be anything but. 2016.02.25S15.E15

American Idol-izing The Farewell Season's Candidates

This week's returning alums overlook casual fawning to actually teach some lessons in showmanship. 2016.02.19S15.E14

American Idol Takes A Nap

In which all twelve performances are rather dull covers of rather dull songs. 2016.02.18S15.E13

EHG Mini: Real Presidents

The reality hosts who SHOULD be in the Oval Office. 2016.02.17

American Idol Delivers Duets And Dropouts

Idol alums return to duet, but the night leaves only seven performers still standing. 2016.02.12S15.E12

American Idol's First Season 15 Showcase Forgets...The Music?

But then again, lack of good performances are why this is the Farewell Season, right? 2016.02.10S15.E11

Looks Like We Got Ourselves A Top 24 Here On American Idol

It's time for some major cuts, as Season 15 whittles down to 24. 2016.02.05S15.E10

Hopelessly Devoted To Hollywood Week

For the last day of the last Hollywood Week in American Idol history, we've got everything: hat intrigue, impending heartbreak, and Olivia Newton-John, but like, punk. Literally everything. 2016.02.04S15.E09

Group Night Delivers Intrigue, Drama, And Also Some Singing

Hold all calls. It's American Idol Group Night. 2016.01.29S15.E08

Idol Hollywood Week -- Crying! Drama! Some Of It Is Happening On The TV, Too!

It's American Idol Hollywood Week, so it's time to break out the champagne and the tears. 2016.01.28S15.E07

EHG Mini: Lyons Share

The actors/musicians we'd cast on Empire. 2016.01.28

Last Audition Shows Are The Best Audition Shows

It's a wrap on American Idol auditions for its 15th and final season, and the talent has never looked...talented-er. 2016.01.22S15.E06

So Many Cities, So Little Seacrest

American Idol is visiting, like, nineteen cities tonight. Is the next Idol in the mix? 2016.01.21S15.E04

Denver And Little Rock Step Up On American Idol

American Idol continues its quest to crown its 15th and final winner. Related: apparently people still know who Hall & Oates are! 2016.01.15

Philadelphia Is The City Of Brotherly...Meh For American Idol

As American Idol heads to Philly in Episode 3 of its 15th and final season, the world is left asking itself, 'I wonder what else is on right now?' 2016.01.14S15.E03

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