Almost Human

Pyjama Jam

Populating our ideal slumber parties with TV characters. 2018.01.04

EHG Mini: Stardate 50 Years From Now

Predicting which almost-cancelled show of our time is destined to be a megafrenchise for generations to come. 2017.04.17

EHG Mini: Justice League

Assembling procedural dream teams from all walks of TV. 2016.08.04

EHG Mini: Aquarius: The New Class

Giving Hodiak a break and assigning new gumshoes to the Charles Manson case. 2016.06.30

EHG Mini: Beach House Vacation

The TV characters we'd match up in a summer share. 2016.05.26

EHG 101: Legends Of Tomorrow...Today!

John Ramos returns to talk about The CW's new superhero team-up joint. 2016.01.19

Lunch And A Show: 01101010010001

Android uteri, all-time worsts, and a Mr. Butlertron supercut. Play it again, Weehhhhsleehhhhhh. 2015.07.30

EHG 30: Back To Louie

EHG Mark 1 star Will Leitch joins the gang to ponder Louie, review Review, and play a balls-out Game Time. 2014.05.05

Almost Human Is Cancelled, So Pour Out A Little Of Your Space 40

Dave and Tara discuss the end of a show they watched faithfully despite never really liking it. 2014.04.30

'For Real. Why Are We Still Watching Almost Human?'

Dave and Tara discuss their unaccountably weird relationship with a C+ show. 2014.02.18S01.E11

Almost Human Continues Stealing From The Futurama Playbook

A weird human getting a robot roommate? Where have we all seen that before? And what will we see next? 2014.01.07S01.E07

Almost Human Lets Us Learn A Lot More About MX-43 '1'

It's the kind of 'more' that provokes more questions than it answers. 2013.12.10S01.E05


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