Saddle Up A New Season Of BoJack Horseman

Adam Grosswirth returns to discuss the latest episodes, plus an Alias Canon submission and a heartbreaker of a Game Time! 2018.09.19

Locations: Don't Make The Seals Mad

The benefits, hazards, and oddities of filming on location. 2017.03.29

EHG Mini: You Do Know Jack

Celebrating TV's best fictional Jacks. 2017.02.21

The Spy Who Loved Crunches: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 2002 Fall TV Preview

Jennifer Garner's midriff sells this issue -- as does her dewy and wholesome interview -- in a magazine that feels like a letter from a time much further away than fourteen years. 2016.08.29

Why So Serious? Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 2001 Fall TV Preview

Thumbing through a September 2001 magazine can be a pretty glum affair. But at least Entertainment Weekly's 2001 Fall TV Preview featured enough honest-to-goodness quality shows to turn our frown into...less of a frown. 2016.08.25

What's Missing From Your Next Binge-Watch? TV-Inspired Cocktail Recipes!

Our contributors have recipes for drinks to class up your next viewing party! 2016.08.19

EHG Mini: Cartoon Version

Replacing live-action TV characters with animated versions. 2016.06.08

We Defy You To Resist The Charm Of This Alias Blooper Reel

Oh yeah? Well: Greg Grunberg beat-boxing. We're done here. 2016.04.13

Victor Garber And All The Makeup Starred In Liberace: Behind The Music

Let's celebrate Spy Daddy's birthday by remembering his turn as Mr. Showmanship. 2016.03.16

Slap Bet vs. Sydney Bristow's Many Wigs

It's the ongoing torment of Barney Stinson vs. the art of disguise! 2016.02.05

Rambaldi Goo vs. The Jiggle Test

It's Alias' big red MacGoofan vs. looking at that blubber fly! 2015.12.30

Jean vs. Rambaldi Goo

It's a whole thing vs. Alias' big red MacGoofan! 2015.12.29

Sawyer Reads Judy Blume vs. Peyton Blows Up A Helicopter

It's Lost's bad boy reading about menstruation vs. Amy Acker's shiny hair and shinier rocket launcher! 2015.10.13

It's Getting (Fingerprint-) Dusty In Here

Lunch And A Show bids farewell to CSI. Vote for your favorite tertiary TV techs! 2015.09.18

Peeno Noir vs. The Red One

It's An Ode to Black Penis vs. an outfit change that pleased many a football fan, but not Sydney Bristow! 2015.09.11

Carter and Lucy Get Stabbed vs. Goth Vaughn

It's a terrifying ER cliffhanger vs. a CIA operative's unfortunate foray into guyliner! 2015.07.31

The Alias Reboot: If Not Now, When(nifer)?

Six reasons why this is the moment to re-open Sydney's Wig Outlet. 2015.07.02

EHG 76: Under The Dome And Dumber

Nick Rheinwald-Jones returns for a discussion of the most (a)pathetic show on network TV. 2015.06.30

Lucille Bluth's Wink vs. Francie Doesn't Like Coffee Ice Cream

It's when sly actually reads as disturbing vs. Bad Francie! 2015.06.17

Battle Of The Secret Agent Ladies

Sydney Bristow and Emma Peel both kicked major ass and looked great doing it. But who did it better? 2014.07.09

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