Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.: S02

Family Ties

Skye resolves all her family issues, then probably develops a few more. 2015.05.13S02.E21

Oh, The Inhumanity

SHIELD seems bent on picking a fight with the Inhumans. And vice versa. So why's everyone in such a bad mood? 2015.05.06S02.E20

Predicting The Future

The original team gets reunited before everything gets shoved aside to advertise a movie that's opening on Friday. Finally, it gets some publicity! 2015.04.29S02.E19

Everyone Is Filled With Hate

At this point, everyone's loyalties are shifting so fast that it seems like no one's sure whom they hate. 2015.04.22S02.E18

Now You Know The Rest Of The Backstory

We finally learn why May is called 'The Cavalry,' and also why she's not crazy about that story. 2015.04.15S02.E17

A Change Of Scenery

Skye rages against her destiny in a mountain hideaway while Fitz and Simmons get up to some clever spycraft. 2015.04.08S02.E16

The Call Is Coming From Inside SHIELD

SHIELD faces off against its most unexpected foe: SHIELD itself. SHIELD doesn't do too well. Good news for SHIELD, huh? 2015.04.01S02.E15

Here Comes The Triple Cross

Skye feels betrayed, even though it's Coulson who has actual traitors in his midst. It's only a matter of time before one of them turns out to be a secret good guy, though. 2015.03.25S02.E14

Cal Causes Trouble

With Hydra sidelined and the double agents not doing anything yet, it's up to Skye's father to drum up some drama. Mission accomplished! 2015.03.18S02.E13

A Smashing Good Time

A guest from the movies (no, not one of the stars) stops by to advance the plot a little bit. And Skye breaks some stuff! 2015.03.11S02.E12

Finally, Some Superpowers

This show based on a comic-book universe finally commits itself to showing some comic-book stuff onscreen occasionally. Also, there is shouting. 2015.03.04S02.E11

How I Met My Father

Skye gets a father, revenge, and another name. And then she gets ruthlessly shuffled around according to the whims of the plot, which is where things get sketchy. 2014.12.10S02.E10

Stop Phoning It In

Agents of SHIELD has once more pumped the brakes before accidentally doing something exciting. Monty has ideas on how to get things going again. 2014.12.03S02.E09

A New Direction

It's time for the semi-annual announcement that Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. has definitely found its footing and is good now. This time for sure. 2014.11.19S02.E08

I Am The Alien Writing

America's favorite meaningless doodles finally get the attention they deserve. 2014.11.12S02.E07

The Romantic Pairings of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Checking in on the various doomed love affairs that occupy the agents' time when they're not saving the world. 2014.10.29S02.E06

I Am The Alien Obelisk

A modest request for more Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. screentime from an alien item of import. 2014.10.22S02.E05

Agents Of Quippiness

Tracking the traditional mix of clumsy exposition and nearly-Whedonesque dialogue that makes up an episode. 2014.10.15S02.E04

The Professional-Drama Axis

Ranking the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on how well they keep their minds on their jobs. 2014.10.08S02.E03

The State Of The Plot

If you haven't been paying attention, you might have some questions. And we've got answers! 2014.10.01S02.E02

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