About A Boy

EHG 48: The Extra Hot Great TV Cop Special

Listen in on the TV Cop roll call! 2014.10.27

About A Boy Thinks Tricking A Woman Into Pregnancy Is Cute

Maybe someday TV characters will handle the subject of vasectomies. But not this week! 2014.10.14S02.E01

Ask A Bearded BFF

Edgar Quintero is here to help out his many, many shaggy sitcom contemporaries. 2014.10.14

Battle Of The Reluctant And Inappropriate Quasi-Parental Figures

...in TV shows based on movies, but come on, that would be a really long headline. 2014.04.24S01.E01

Now Bravermans Are Ruining Things For People Who Aren't Even On Parenthood

Crosby crosses over to About A Boy, but which of his relatives could be next to screw things up for Will, and how? 2014.04.09S01.E07

About A Boy Brings Us Yet Another Unwilling Fictional Person Pressed Into Parenthood

It happens all the time in pop culture, and it has got to stop. 2014.03.11S01.E03

About A Story Point That's Kind Of Hard To Swallow

Yes, the second episode of About A Boy has Will taking a pre-teen kid to a very grown-up pool party, but that's not the bit we don't buy. 2014.03.04S01.E02

About A Book-To-Film-To-TV Adaptation

Jason Katims has already turned Friday Night Lights and Parenthood from movies into TV series. How will About A Boy affect his legacy? 2014.02.21S01.E01


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