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Ranking The Forgotten Shows of NBC's Must-See Thursday Night Lineup

There was a time, children, when America tuned in to NBC see what the likes of Jonathan Silverman, Brooke Shields, and Lisa Bonet were up to. Sure, it was because we misplaced the remote after watching shows we actually enjoyed, but it's still attention of a sort. 2016.07.05

Dwayne Wayne's Sunglasses vs. Peeno Noir

It's TV's hippest accessory vs. An Ode to Black Penis! 2015.09.08

Dwayne Wayne's Sunglasses vs. Amanda Sings 'Milkshake'

It's TV's hippest accessory vs. a performance most inappropriate for a church wedding! 2015.09.07

The Riker Maneuver vs. Dwayne Wayne's Sunglasses

It's Number One being a weirdo vs. TV's hippest accessory! 2015.09.06