60 Days In

The Blotter Presents 002: Kalief Browder, Diane Whipple, And 'Local' Crimes

Eve Batey joins Sarah D. Bunting for a discussion of Spike's prestige true-crime series. 2017.03.16

A&E Renews 60 Days In For Two More Seasons

A round of pruno for all! 2017.01.30

Which 60 Days In-Mate Has A Bun In The Oven?

And other toasty questions from the finale (or is it?) of 60 Days In. 2016.11.11S02.E14

Can The 60 Days In-mates Handle Life On The Outside?

As the program ends, certain burning questions remain. 2016.11.04S02.E13

Will The Clark County Jailkeepers Listen To The Released 60 Days In-mates?

...and several other questions that are desperate for freedom. 2016.10.28S02.E12

Did A 60 Days In-mate Just Freak Out Over Butt Acne?

And other itching and burning questions from this week's flesh-eating episode. 2016.10.21S02.E11

How Many Civil Rights Lawsuits Will This Week's 60 Days In Inspire?

And other feverish questions from this week's bottle-less bottle episode. 2016.10.14S02.E10

How Much Money Would You Win Playing Poker With The 60 Days Inmates?

And other hotter-than-coffee questions from the latest episode. 2016.10.07S02.E09

Why Aren't The 60 Days Inmates Assigned Bunks?

And other not-quite burning questions from this week's installment of 60 Days In. 2016.09.30S02.E08

Does 60 Days In Really Think Brian Will Just Change Pods?

...and other e-cig smoking questions elicited by this week's episode! 2016.09.22S02.E07

Did Ryan's Insufferable Smugness Make 60 Days In's Producers Tip Their Hand?

And other crack-stick-esque questions smoldering enough to make you 'feel like you're coughing blood.' 2016.09.16S02.E06

So Inmates Can Just Scream Drug Invitations Down The 60 Days In Tier Now?

And other not-quite-smoki-- er, 'burning' questions about the latest episode. 2016.09.09S02.E05

Was 60 Days In's Elevator Guy A Plant?

As even more fauxmates settle in at Clark County, some things just seem to good to be true. 2016.09.02S02.E04

What Is The 60 Days In-mates' Malfunction With Learning To Talk About Their 'Charges' In A Colloquial Manner?

And other not-quite-burning questions as the last of the Innocent Eight trickle into the jail. 2016.08.25S02.E03

Is Ryan The New Robert On 60 Days In?

And more not-quite-burning questions about the second-season premiere. 2016.08.18S02.E01

60 Days In's 'Where Are They Now?' Special Gets The Brush-Off

Two participants passed on filming updates; how's everyone else doing? (Spoiler: shut up, Robert.) 2016.08.12S01.E14

Everyone Can't Even With Robert On The 60 Days In Reunion

What to watch and what to skip as the participants do a postmortem. (Not literally.) 2016.05.27S01.E13

EHG 117: Saying A Little Prayer For Preacher

Eve Batey returns, but will it be to worship AMC's new drama Preacher, or to condemn it to Hell? 2016.05.24

60 Days In Needs To Wake Up

How the eminently watchable but not very good undercover-jailbirds show can improve next season. 2016.05.20S01.E12

How Did Barbra Not Get Her Ass Kicked For This Zip-It Hand Gesture On 60 Days In?

And other not-quite-burning questions as America's favorite ersatz jailbirds near the end of their time. 2016.05.13S01.E11

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