30 For 30

Making A Break For It With Escape At Dannemora

Kim Reed is back to discuss Showtime's prison-break drama/thriller ('driller'?), plus a GoT Canon submission and a Very Special Announcement! 2018.11.28

Taking Notes On A.P. Bio

Monty Ashley returns to discuss NBC's new bad teacher-com! 2018.02.07

EHG 160: Scoring The Gong Show

Jeff Drake joins us to discuss ABC's reboot! 2017.06.21

The Blotter Presents 001: Cold Case Files And OJ Simpson Films

Stephanie Green joins us for the inaugural episode! 2017.03.09

Doc & Darryl: 30 For 30 On The Boy Kings Of Queens

French fries, fidgeting, and how much to read into a Bob Forrest voice-over. 2016.07.15

EHG 119: Tackling O.J.: Made In America

Stephanie Green returns to discuss the premiere of 30 For 30's special miniseries event. 2016.06.14

'And More Importantly For Your Impeccable Character': O.J.: Made In America Begins Quite A Run

Yes, 30 For 30's O.J. Simpson event is 'really that good.' Why you should turn on the Juice. 2016.06.12S01.E01

Team Foxcatcher Faces The Prince Of Pennsylvania In The Battle Of The Du Pont/Schultz Documentaries

Which wrestling/true crime TV doc is more worth your time? Chris Huff breaks them down! 2016.04.29

EHG 98: That Championship Season: The Law & Order Fantasy Draft

Alan Sepinwall helps the gang pick the very best 'teams' from across the L&O-verse...but will his Canon submission break bad? 2015.12.15

Reopening The OJ Case

Sifting through the specials and retrospectives as we approach the anniversary of the verdict. 2015.09.30

EHG 89: It's The Most TV-ful Time Of The Year!

Jeff Drake joins us for a roundtable discussion of what most and least excites us on TV this fall. 2015.09.29

Battle Of The OJ Simpson Retrospectives

You only have time for one. Is it OJ: Trial Of The Century or June 17, 1994? 2014.06.17

Battle Of The Terry Fox Films

Which Terry Fox biopic crosses the finish line first, 30 For 30's or the CBC's? 2014.04.22

The Awful Truth Of 30 For 30's 'Hillsborough'

An affecting look back at the 1989 soccer-stadium tragedy. 2014.04.16

Battle Of The Nancy / Tonya Anniversary Docs

NBC comes out with their take on l'affaire Harding-Kerrigan. Can Nancy & Tonya beat 30 For 30's "The Price Of Gold"? 2014.02.23

'The Price Of Gold' Is Totally Right

30 For 30's exploration of the Kerrigan/Harding story is everything the series does so well. 2014.01.17

30 For 30: Sports TV For People Who Hate Sports

The best entries of ESPN's docu series can even make you care about track. Seriously! 2013.07.31


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