Pyjama Jam

Populating our ideal slumber parties with TV characters. 2018.01.04

EHG Mini: Important TV Presidents

The commanders-in-chief we hail. 2017.05.18

Watch A Promo For Season 1 Of Fox's New Action Drama Series 24: Legacy

Like 24? Well, there's a very good chance that 24: Legacy will be the show for you. 2016.10.26

Picture It: Sicily 1904 vs. Jack Bauer's Go Bag

It's Sophia Petrillo's trusty tall-tale intro vs. the manliest of man bags! 2016.09.21

What's Missing From Your Next Binge-Watch? TV-Inspired Cocktail Recipes!

Our contributors have recipes for drinks to class up your next viewing party! 2016.08.19

Is The Bachelorette's Ian Thomson The Most Embarrassing TV Princetonian Ever?

In the solar system of cringeworthy Tigers, someone's got to be Uranus. Sarah D. Bunting '94 made a list. 2015.06.22

Time Runs Out

The season finale dispenses with a lot of plotlines in a hurry. 2014.07.14S09.E12

Jack Takes His Second-Last Shot

In the season's penultimate episode, Jack goes after enemies both foreign and domestic. 2014.07.08S09.E11

EHG 37: The Most Bad-Ass Podcast You're Going To Hear All Week! [Explosion.]

Omar Gallaga returns for our Bad-Ass Week discussion of great TV bad-asses! 2014.07.08

International Incidents

World War Three might be starting after all, thanks to a couple of Jack's personal enemies. 2014.07.01S09.E10

Drone If You Want To

Jack neutralizes one terrorist threat, but as so often happens, the day isn't over yet. 2014.06.24S09.E09

Permanent Time-Out

Margot tries a parenting technique you won't find in any of the books. We hope. 2014.06.10S09.E07

The Wrath Of Rask

Heller trusts Jack enough to give him a shot, but Kate trusts him enough to give herself a shot. 2014.06.03S09.E06


Everyone is finally convinced that the drone threat is real, but is it too late? 2014.05.26S09.E05

MC At The Embassy

Jack manages to get himself into the U.S. Embassy in London, but getting out is going to be a lot tougher. 2014.05.20S09.E04

Drones And The Queen Bee

The hunt is on for the mastermind behind the drone plot, who is way scarier than the drones themselves. 2014.05.12S09.E03


Who is Jeff Alexander working for?!?!? Us, as we make him watch 24: Live Another Day, and also join us to talk about it. 2014.05.12

Restart The Clock

24 is back, but is it still keeping it real time? 2014.05.05S09.E02

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