16 & Pregnant

Season Final-egh

Savannah and Stone's attempts to co-parent are hobbled by her co-dependency. 2014.06.17S05.E12

True Love Waits Until After The Baby Is Already Conceived

Courtney thinks that being pregnant makes her closer to God, but her styling choices are clearly the work of Satan. 2014.06.17S05.E11

Duck, Duck, Goose, Baby

Savon doesn't have parents, a partner, or an interest in sex, but she does have a kid. 2014.06.10S05.E10

Is That Amniotic Fluid Leaking Out Of You Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Jordan and Derek have eight seconds of sex and nine months of homelessness. 2014.06.10S05.E09

Jazmin Won't Break Any Rules, Except That One

God and step-parents are the fifth, sixth, and seventh wheels in this relationship. 2014.06.03S05.E08

Baby, You Can't Drive My Car

Aleah and Shawn have a need for speed, but not a need for birth control. 2014.05.27S05.E07

Straight-A Student Has Straight-A Twins

Twins with dumb names, a fight about a truck…is anyone else having déjà vu? 2014.05.20S05.E06

Welcome To The World, Peyton! Your Grandma Is A Junkie.

Apparently, Summer's been so busy learning how to tell when her mother is high that she never got a chance to find out where Oregon is. 2014.05.13S05.E05

If You Can Make A Baby, You Can Make A Mix Tape

Arianna and Reese fit thirty arguments into a forty-minute episode. 2014.05.06S05.E04

'Warning: I Do Dumb Things'

Millina has a t-shirt that serves as a metaphor for the entire series, and her vagina looks like Stargate. 2014.04.29S05.E03

In Which A Teen Dad Chooses Weed Over Diaper Money

Sixteen-year-old Autumn and her sister Misty are both teen moms, but only one of them has a baby daddy who graciously offered up $2.50 in child support. 2014.04.22S05.E02

One-Night-Stand Yields Eighteen-Year Baby

Sixteen-year-old Maddy had known Cody for an hour before they had sex for the first and only time. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED. 2014.04.15


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