The Past Bites Back Again on 11.22.63

It's hard to tell what's going to be a bigger problem for Jake: the fact that people are getting way too close to figuring out he's from the future...or a potentially dangerous figure from his girlfriend's past? 2016.03.07S01.E04

Jake Cuts A Rug And Plants A Bug On 11.22.63

Finally back in Texas, Jake sets up his double life: mild-mannered high school teacher by day, stalker of Lee Harvey Oswald by night. 2016.02.29S01.E03

11.22.63 Celebrates 10.31.60 By Taking A Little Detour

Jake takes a break from shaping world events to prevent a smaller-scale tragedy, but he still hits most of the high notes you’d expect from a miniseries about time travel. 2016.02.22S01.E02

Should You Mark Your Calendar For 11.22.63?

Is Hulu's eight-part miniseries based on Stephen King's time-travel thriller a faithfully-adapted nail-biter...or a complete assassination? 2016.02.15S01.E01


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