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Watch Sesame Street's Parody Of Homeland

It's called Homelamb. Obviously.

I'm sure that this Sesame Street parody of Homeland came to be when someone in the writers' room said the word "Homelamb" and they wrote backwards from there, but it doesn't matter, because it totally works. Lamb Saul is a total mensch, and when Caaaaaarie has suspicions about Baaaaaaarody, everyone thinks she's just crying wolf! (Adorable.)


For Scary Week we ask:

How could Sesame Street's Homeland parody have been scarier?

  • show kids what happens when Caaaaaarie goes off her Valbazen
  • follow Baaaaarody to his next appointment, where he lets the sheep Vice-President die of bloat
  • give Baaaaarody's daughter Daaaaaaaana a boyfriend who is not what he seems! (he's a pig) (literally)


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