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Keith Hernandez And Mookie Wilson Worked The Count On Sesame Street

And if you think THAT pun is bad, wait until the show gets into the act with the bat jokes.

What the hell?

In this 1988 clip, Mets Hernandez and Wilson -- my two favorite players as a kid -- try to help the Count with his swing, but he just wants to count strikes.

Keith really...commits, eh?

Hee, yeah. But it's a kids' show, so why not. I'm more a fan of Mookie's subtle "how'd I let myself get talked into this, I'm not even a pitcher" face-pulling.

Who cares?

Everyone knows about Keith's Seinfeld appearance, and to a lesser extent his Law & Order shot, which was about three lines -- but I'd forgotten about this one (and couldn't find the Hollywood Squares episode). It's mostly striking to me because of how young he looks -- and he was 35 by this time, too.

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