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Would Huck Also Have Questions About Events On Scandal?

Although he would probably know the best way to store and transport a disembodied human head, so he's got that one covered.

How is Marcus so good at being Press Secretary?

Recent real-world events have shown that you can't just throw any old adult with a Mass Comm degree behind the podium in the White House Press Room, so how come Marcus is so smooth out there? As far as we know, his experience consists of being a community activist. One thing I enjoy about the Scandal-verse is that all people are immediately great at whatever job they are thrown into, even if their intentions are evil.

Does Fitz and Olivia's reunion feel a little rushed and anticlimactic to anyone else?

I was never the biggest Olitz 'shipper, and I've enjoyed thinking for most of this season that their relationship was pretty much over. That said, I didn't mind them hooking back up in the past few episodes, because I thought it was temporary -- an understandable reaction to the insanity of the Shadowy Cabal's actions. But now they're still together? And planning to stay together? And all of the reasons they broke up for good are just swept under the rug? I mean, I guess.

Does Abby know that Fitz killed Verna?

When Fitz is getting all high and mighty with Abby because she helped the Shadowy Cabal cover up the reality of the Vargas assassination, I started thinking about all of the bad things Fitz has done, like: he killed Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton. Granted, she was dying anyway, but still. It wasn't a mercy killing. He started a war to try to get his girlfriend back after she was kidnapped. That's just off the top of my head. Maybe he could find it in his heart to forgive Abby, who was in over her head?

Aren't petitions for Presidential pardons classified or at least confidential?

That just seems like information that should be controlled in some way, because you wouldn't want the press getting hold of them before the President is ready to announce his pardons. And yet, Olivia (who doesn't have a formal position in this White House, since her candidate doesn't take office for another nine days) just grabs a stack of them, shoves them in her bag, and walks out.

Wouldn't a human head need to be packed in some sort of ice instead of bubble wrap?

David Rosen transports Mystery Ponytail Lady's head to Abby's house in a cardboard box, and claims he went to Abby's house because she has a giant fridge. But the head is just sitting in a bunch of bubble wrap. The time passage since her death is unclear, but shouldn't her head have been on ice? Then again, what exactly was Rowan planning to do with the head if David Rosen hadn't come along? He just had it shoved in a box in his office as he got ready to depart for parts unknown permanently. Did he leave instructions with someone? Was it at least in the fridge? And why did he still have it anyway? So many questions.

Was the redneck bar a little over the top?

Look, Hollywood. I get that when you want to use shorthand to let the audience know what kind of establishment Huck and Quinn are walking into, but I think the country music on the jukebox and the super-racist bartender were enough. We didn't also need a banner featuring Doyle, the Scandal-verse's Donald Trump, hanging behind the bar.

Who called it last week that Peus and Mystery Ponytail Lady weren't the top of their organization?

I did. I called it.

When did you figure out who the Bigger Bad was?

For me, it was a combo of Jake discovering that Peus and Mystery Ponytail Lady were taking orders from someone and seeing Khandi Alexander's name in the opening credits, so I knew she would show up in the episode somewhere. Since ABC announced today that next season will be the final season for this show, I'm not sad that it seems it will be a family showdown for the Popes.

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